Vacay at the Falls

There’s so much to see and do in Niagara Falls, my last post was on Marineland, but, just being in a hotel is exciting for my crew. Luckily for mom and dad the pool at the hotel was a warm one! We hate cold water and the kids are so young and out number us that we need both of us in the water. We made it swimming 3 times during our stay.

This is the view from our balcony.

Big Brother runs to tell me how ‘Beautiful’ it is. ummm….. really? We clearly don’t take the kids to fancy hotels! lol
Oh! But wait!! Look to the left, yes! It IS beautiful! It’s an outlet mall! woot woot!
But here’s the deal. What criteria exactly constitutes an outlet store these days?? When we were younger we occasionally hopped across the border for some shopping sprees and hit all kinds of outlet stores that had Amazing prices!  They may have been last years print or style, but you could grab some awesome deals at a fraction of the retail costs. Nowadays (do I sound old?) you see Roots and Tommy H ‘outlet’ stores popping up all over the place and like this mall they were nothing more than a regular store. Even with a ‘new arrivals’ section right in the door and sure they had a ‘discount’ rack at the back, but what store doesn’t. We still managed to pick up a couple things though, don’t get me wrong! lol

On to the Falls
It’s not a trip to Niagara without a visit to the Falls. This whole area is done up much like a mini Vegas for kids (young at heart?) these days. Hubster once lived in the area and we couldn’t believe how much it’s changed. A very exciting area!

Customary Falls Shots
 American Falls to the left, Canadian Horseshoe Falls to the right
(You can click on the pics to blow them up a little if ya like)


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    Horseshoe Falls look fantastic!

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    The photos are amazing,some day i will get there …

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