Snuggle Bugz has the Diono Monterey Booster Seat & other Quality Baby Gear {Giveaway}

Snuggle Bugz is the kind of store I wish I had known about when I was pregnant with my oldest. Becoming a parent for the first time was overwhelming, with so many new and expensive items to buy, we had no idea where to start and spent hours searching for and researching all the options available. Snuggle Bugz carries only the best in baby gear, in fact, they don’t sell anything in there store or online unless the owners or one of the staff has tested it out and put their stamp of approval on it! Plus, they are right here in Canada!

From Strollers to Slings, Blanket to Breast Pumps, Snuggle Bugz carries everything you need for baby and beyond, including the transition of out a regular car seat and into big boy status booster seats! We were lucky enough to test out the Diono Monterey Booter Seat with our oldest son who is now six.

diono monterey booster seatI chose our seat in a sleek red/black combo that is super stylish and looks almost like a race car seat and the boys loved that! This definitely doesn’t look like a ‘baby’ seat and it can actually accommodate a child up to 120 lbs and 63” tall with it’s adjustable design. This leaves lots of room for a growing boy and I actually had a seat in it myself and it pretty much fits mama too! lol It’s actually very comfortable as well, the reinforced seat bottom has extra length for leg support and features thick, AirTek™ foam and tapered sides for total comfort. This seat has far better cushion than any other seat we have purchased and the soft head rest is supportive for kids who still fall asleep on long car rides.

My husband does not impress easily and I have to tell you that he was thoroughly impressed by the design of the Diono seat. This is not just a well made product but a smartly made product. He showed me a side by side comparison of our regular seat we had been using and the Diono seat and you can plainly see just how carefully crafted this model is.

My son’s favourite feature is the ‘secret’ cup holders that tuck in the sides of the seat and fold out when you need them. There is one on each side of the booster seat and both are extra-deep and angled to keep drinks upright.

I really liked that this seat has the option of using the integrated LATCH connectors to hold the seat securely in place. This seat also has the  option to remove the back so it can be used as a backless booster as well. While I love the comfort and security in the back of the seat, my only complaint about the seat is that the head rest is so high and wide it actually obstructs my view out the back window. Once my middle boy is able to move to a booster we will be able to move this seat to one of the second row seats where it will be further off to the side and less of a hindrance for rear viewing. I order for us to use the LATCH connectors this is the only spot in the third row that can accommodate this seat.

Visit for more information on the Diono Monterey Booster and other quality child gear

Snuggle Bugz has generously offered a Diono Monterey Booster valued at $180 to giveaway to a Mom vs. the Boys reader

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  1. I’d love to win one in Blue! My nephew is 5 years old and will likely be in a booster for a while. I’d love to win this for him!

  2. Leanne M says:

    I like the red one you have but that isn’t on their site so probably the blue.

  3. We love this booster seat!!! AND SnuggleBugz is an amazing Canadian company.

  4. I would totally go for the blue one!

  5. Lee-Ann L says:


  6. I am curious about the black leather. Easy to clean, but would it get hot?

  7. I would definitely choose purple

  8. Serena Powell says:

    I would choose the Monterey Blue

  9. I’d choose purple

  10. Talk about generous! I’d pick Blue as it works for boys and girls (I have both).
    Thanks for making this open to Canadians.

    Besos, Sarah
    Zookeeper at Journeys of The Zoo

  11. I like the red one!

  12. I think I would pick blue. I love the purple but my husband would hate it, ha ha!

  13. Lisa KH says:

    I would choose the blue one. Great shade!
    rafflecopter name: Lisa K

  14. Francine says:

    I love the purple!

  15. love purple. thank you.

  16. The blue one!

  17. Janette says:

    Red for sure.

  18. Great looking seat. I would choose the Shadow colour if I won.

  19. Nena Sinclair says:

    I would choose blue if I won (I hope I win, I could definitely use this!)

  20. I would choose the blue as I have two boys.

  21. gibberish (Julie G.) says:

    My grandson is almost ready for a booster, so I’d love to get a Shadow one for him. It would match the interior of their family’s van.
    Rafflecopter name is Julie G.

  22. purple

  23. Jennifer Barata Allen says:

    I would pick shadow

  24. I’d pick shadow, it would blend in with the car nicely

  25. I’d go with Shadow. Thanks

  26. What a great giveaway! I would pick pink or purple for my little girl!

  27. Maegan Morin says:

    I would choose blue!

  28. I’d pick the Purple

  29. I would choose Shadow!

  30. michelle says:

    I would have to get shadow – wish there was green my son loves anything green but I like the shadow

  31. Amy Bailey says:

    I would pick the purple one 😀 Really hope I win this!

  32. Shadow – We already have the All-in-one from the same company (before it changed the name to Diono). And it’s in the same color scheme, so they will match perfectly together and we would be able to use the first one for our new addition.

  33. Stephanie H says:

    I love the Monterey Purple this would be prefect for my niece

  34. If I win, the blue is oh so gorgeous 🙂

  35. Catharine says:


  36. It would be in pink or purple (2 girls). Both girls (6 & almost 3) are still in a 5 point car seat but I know my older daughter will outgrow her seat soon. 🙂

  37. Monterey Purple. No doubt!

  38. Karin Dollery says:

    I would choose the blue

  39. kylie rodrigues says:

    I would love the blue seat for my son who is turning four…I hate that his head is always falling over to the side when he falls asleep in the car its not very safe but the headrest will eliminate that problem

  40. I would love to win a red one!! it would be a good neutral color for my unborn baby!! 🙂

  41. Cindy Clark says:

    oops lol I must have clicked too soon! I would choose Shadow!

  42. allison h says:

    I would choose purple!!

  43. Christine says:

    I love the blue color. Great looking booster!

  44. We’ve just started looking for a booster seat for my oldest. So glad I came upon this post, your review is so helpful! I would choose the Shadow colour but my daughter would definitely choose purple 🙂

  45. Stephanie says:

    My son wants blue, because it doesn’t come in green.

  46. allison h says:

    i would choose purple!

  47. Kelly Skovmose says:

    Would love to win a purple one for my daughter!

  48. I’m definately liking the Monterey Blue for a boy, and for a girl I’d be buying the Monterey Purple! It’s a very good looking, practical seat and I like that. Sometimes it’s hard to make a kid sit in a seat that looks like a baby seat. I like that about this seat, it doesn’t look so babyish.

  49. Karen Soley says:

    I would chose Shadow

  50. Shanda Hunter says:

    I love the Diono car seats and boosters. My son would love the blue.

  51. Tina Methot says:

    I would choose the purple…my son’s favourite colour!!!

  52. Rochelle says:

    I’d choose Blue, but the booster rider in our house prefers Shadow! We have one for him in one vehicle already, it’s a great seat.

  53. Meaghan S says:

    Shadow forsure! So nice 🙂

  54. What a great review! Thanks!

  55. I’d choose the red or shadow.

  56. Erin Sims says:

    I’d choose Shadow

  57. I would love the blue one! Diono seats are great!

  58. I would choose blue for my soon to be little boy!!!

  59. Jessica says:

    I would choose the blue/black combo, his toddle seat now is red/black so change is nice!

  60. Love the purple, but I think I would go with the shadow as my boys would like it better!

  61. Michelle J says:

    I would go with shadow, it would match our sunshine kids radian 🙂

  62. Kelly C. says:

    What a great giveaway! I would choose Purple 🙂

  63. I would love to have a blue one of these for my son.

  64. Katalin says:

    I would love to win one in Shadow!

  65. I would choose purple.

  66. natalie pearce says:

    i would probably go for the red , or blue diono seat

  67. What a cute pic of your son! I’d choose Shadow if I won.

  68. I would choose Shadow, because it would match my Marathon!

  69. melanie says:

    We have 2 Montereys for our older girls (ages 5 & 8). They’re the absolute best ever!
    Really hope I win the giveaway, my oldest needs a new booster for Daddy’s truck!

  70. Melanie says:

    If it was up to me, I’d choose purple 🙂 My son would probably prefer the blue or the red, however.

  71. Hey! I would love shadow or red. Thanks sooo much for the giveaway!!! Smiles! Lesia

  72. Jocelyn says:

    I would chose a red one! : )

  73. Love it – I would go with the blue, I think!

  74. I LOVE Pink but I would choose shadow as I hope to have a boy at some point and would love to use it for more htan just my daughter

  75. Purple please! Did you know the Monterey requires in-vehicle head support (vehicle head rest) up to at the least the tops of the child’s ears? This can cause incompatibilities in some vehicles. Still one of my favourite boosters though!

  76. I’d choose the Shadow colour

  77. I would choose grey.

  78. I would choose shadow. It’s a good colour.
    Ps. Your boy is so cute!

  79. I’d choose a blue one.

  80. I would go for the red one.

  81. I would choose the blue! I love it
    dalleykt at live dot ca

  82. Shadow

  83. Olivia L says:

    I’d pick the grey seat.

  84. Shadow!

  85. I would choose the Shadow color

  86. I would choose monterey blue – corieandnickolas @

  87. Red!

  88. Purple! Oooo purple!

  89. I would choose purple if I won.

  90. I would choose the blue Dinono Monterey Booster!

  91. I would get it in Purple!

  92. tennille says:

    I would choose Shadow but I know my son would choose red

  93. Shadow would be my choice.

  94. Miriam@toddler tutus says:

    Purple looks perfect for my little girl!

  95. I really need this booster! We just had baby #3 and are looking for a booster option for my 5 1/2 year old that will fit between the 2 Radians we already have!

  96. A Lariviere says:

    Def. shadow – can’t go wrong!

  97. Brenda A says:

    I like the Monterey blue or the purple. Diono has the same amazing quality that Sunshine did and I cannot wait to try out this booster for my daughter

  98. Samorjj says:

    I would pick blue or shadow.

  99. Purple please!

  100. Lori L. says:

    Looks like a great booster! Would love to win one in purple for my little monkey girl who will be needing a booster soon as the seat we have for her expires in December. We’re also having another baby in January so I have to buy another car seat so winning this would definitely help us out while on a tight budget. Thanks for the contest! 🙂

  101. Purple or Blue, tough choice!

  102. Rebecca Orr says:

    I like the Shadow. bekki1820cb at gmail dot om

  103. Kimberly B says:

    I think I would choose “shadow” for the booster seat.

  104. Jeannie says:


  105. SUMMER PLEWES says:

    THE PURPLE OR PINK!! love them

  106. Stephanie says:

    I would choose purple.

  107. Brandie D says:

    Definitely Purple!!! The Shadow is also a nice neutral one as well though 🙂

  108. Nathania H says:

    Defiantly the purple color!!

  109. Annie B. says:

    I would choose the blue

  110. Angela M says:

    We’d pick the purple seat.

  111. cassandra H says:

    If i won i would choose purple for my little girl

  112. I would definately choose the Monteray blue…suitable for any gender but for my soon to be little boy it would be perfect!!!

  113. I would pick red for my 3 year old if I was the lucky winner!

  114. Love it! My daughter would love red and black!

  115. Jules A. says:

    I’d choose Shadow.

  116. I would choose Shadow

  117. Kathleen B. says:

    I would choose the red color.

  118. I would choose the Monteray blue-my son will love it he will be needing one soon!

  119. I like the shadow colour.

  120. I like the Blue!!

  121. brooke t says:


  122. My big girl would pick pink or purple. I’m sure there would be a great debate of it. 😀

  123. Marianne says:

    Pink or Purple. I’d need to check with my 5 year old daughter to see what she would prefer.

  124. Adriana Fitzgerald says:


  125. i would choose either shadow or grey

  126. Shadow would match the car nicely, but then again it would be for our older daughter and her favourite colour is purple…hmmmmm

  127. I’d love the Monterey blue seat. My little man is only 2 so this woud be a super prize to win. Great giveaway! 🙂

  128. Adina H. says:

    I would choose the Monterey Shadow.

  129. francine says:


  130. nancy lafrance says:

    I would choose the purple and black. I have three girls so thats a no brainer!!!

  131. I would pick the Gray

  132. Caroline M. says:

    I would choose grey. We have the RXT in my husband’s truck and would love to get a Diono for my car.

  133. I only saw the blur coloue but I love it anyway.

  134. eleanor q says:

    Diono – Monterey Blue

  135. Kristina Ziegler says:

    I’d love to win the blue one, it looks so comfortable!

  136. Monterey Blue

  137. Ginger Leah Gervais says:

    Monterey Blue

  138. pink! 😀

  139. I would choose Purple

  140. Zelma MacDonald says:

    A great prize – More grandchildren on the way – and I can use this in my van

  141. angela m says:

    I would choose the shadow

  142. I love the ‘shadow’ one!

  143. lori butler says:

    the shadow 🙂

  144. Sarah Rosnes says:

    I would love to win one for my 3 year old, purple of course!! Thanks for the opportunity 🙂

  145. i would choose either purple or pink!

  146. Blue! 🙂

  147. Sarah McGuire says:

    Love the blue!

  148. purple

  149. kristine read says:

    Would pick red and black for my son 🙂

  150. Shadow!!!!!!

  151. Definitely red!!

  152. Shadow boring I know…

  153. oh I would love to pick purple, but since it’s for my boy I would probably end up picking Shadow. 🙂

  154. Wanda Jean P says:


  155. We have red and black Monterey boosters and we love them! They are easy to install and I like that they have a steel construction and do not degrade like a regular plastic seat. BEST purchase ever!

  156. The reasonable side of me would choose shadow because it will look clean longer and last thru a couple kids. But the purple is cute, and if I won I would just tell my husband purple was the only one they were offering!!

  157. Purple!

  158. Michelle B says:

    I would choose the Monterey Shadow if i won.

  159. I would like a red booster

  160. Just wondering when the winner will be announced?! Thanks 🙂

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