Busy Families Need the Dodge Grand Caravan + Win a $250 Gas GC!

When Baby#3 came along we knew our coupe driving days were over, I officially became a Minivan Mom and not a very happy one at that.  The mere thought of driving a large vehicle like a van had me nervous and I dragged my feet every step of the way to the Dodge dealership. Knowing my reluctance, my husband really wanted to get a van I would like and be comfortable driving, he slowly but surely won me over on the benefits of the Grand Caravan.

Today, the Dodge Grand Caravan is literally my lifesaver! With three little boys to get around I enjoy the convenience and reliability our van has to offer. Whether it’s picking up a sick child from school or a full out family vacation, I know our vehicle will get us there safely. The Stow ‘n Go seats offer us plenty of cargo space for items like strollers and wagons and the automatic sliding doors saved me on many a rainy days running from shops to jumping straight into the van with the boys in tow!

kids in the dodge grand caravan

Riding along in their automobile: 3 happy passengers on our way home from a week long road to trip to Pennsylvania

Fall is a busy time for mamas, with the start of a new school year. For the month of September you can follow along with two UrbanMoms writers as they test drive the Dodge Grand Caravan with their own busy families! Just pop over to the UrbanMoms Auto Review page to hear how they are making out with the Grand Caravan!


Who couldn’t use some extra gas money right?? UrbanMoms is giving away a $250 gas gift card!!!


Visit HERE for more details on how to enter!

Dodge Grand Caravan


  1. Dodge Caravans seem like a great vehicle! We LOVE our van (and also swore we’d never own one…before we had kids that is lol). My husband had “done up” sports cars when we met…and now we drive a Honda Odyssey LOL. Love the room and convenience of a mini van and Dodge Caravans seem like great choices too!

  2. The Dodge Caravan is an awesome vehicle. If it came in an AWD it would be in my garage right now!

  3. I actually wanted to get a van when I was pregnant with #2…hubby had ZERO interest, so we got a grand cherokee instead…..I am weird though and would still like to have a van …I just love all the ROOM they have

    • oh you just can’t beat the room at all! we pack our family of five, plus the chocolate lab and all of our luggage and we fit just fine, you can’t do that in any other vehicle

  4. I love our van, though it is showing its age:( Thanks for introducing me to the Dodge Caravan – it may just be our next vehicle.

  5. Well, you’ll be happy to know that I can’t laugh at you for being a Minivan Mommy any more…………….because I’m now one too 🙁 Hubsters truck died so he bought a Grand Caravan. While having tones of plus’ I still can’t use to the idea. I guess we had to grow up sometime; better late than never LOL. Although you have to check out big sister’s facebook pix to see the cute sticker J put on it – I love it.

  6. We just bought a brand new 2012 Dodge Grand Caravan in August. Our first trip was to Manitulin island with the kids n tow. With the built in entertainment system both kids were happy, while mom and dad listened to some music who WASN’T aimed at the under 6 crowd. Who would have thought the smile ability to have different zones of entertainment would make this mom so happy.

  7. We are in the market for a new family vehicle and we are seriously considering the Dodge Caravan!

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