Wordless Wednesday~ Bumpy Pumpkins {Linky}

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  1. Hmmm…very unusual and cool looking pumpkins, the one on the left looks downright moldy!

  2. love the texture of this pic! Such a perfect way to show off the fall colors!

  3. I am not a big fan of those bumpy pumpkins, I am a more traditional pumpkin kind of girl. They are rather interesting though:)

  4. Oh… those are the ones that would usually stay at the bottom of the barrel. But maybe they taste really yummy and will make a good pie – remember it’s the inside that counts 🙂 Perhaps even in pumpkins!

  5. Oh I saw a bunch of those at the Pumpkin Patch when were were there a few weeks ago. I love them!

  6. ewwww I don’t like them at all!

  7. I would have bought them just to give my daughter that important lesson 🙂 Look beyond the outside

  8. Those are so cool!

  9. very neat – I don’t think I have ever seen such bumpy ones before

  10. Weird – I don’t think I’ve ever seen actual pumpkins like that! I assume the grey-ish ones in the middle are some sort of squash/gourd?

  11. I think they’re kind of neat. Great texture. Except maybe for a couple of the grey ones that really do look mouldy

  12. Love the colours!!!!

  13. Those are some freaky gourds. The greyish ones are unique to me, any idea what they are?

    • momvsboys says:

      nope not a clue! there was just this big bin of odd pumpkins and gourds at the apple orchard this year, we didn’t buy one but I had to snap a pic!

  14. ooh, i love weird gourds!!

  15. wow- I don’t think I’ve ever seen pumpkins look like that before!

  16. I can’t wait until we can get ours this year!
    Thanks for the linky,
    I have a linky on my Wordless Wednesday post as well…

  17. Now, that is a fallish scene.

  18. Great picture! I just love this time of the year.

  19. Those look like E.T. pumpkins!

  20. Love FALL!

  21. I have pumpkins just like this and loved them. A lady at the store that I bought it at thought they were gross but I loved all the bumps and different colours.

  22. I love the textures here. Great picture.

  23. Very cool! Lots of bumps and bubbles! lol

  24. Those are creepy pumpkins… would make some ghoulish jack o lanters!

  25. Those would add a decorative flair to Fall for sure. 🙂

  26. Those are so neat! I got a few “knuckleheads” last year because I thought they’d look cool as Jack-o-Lanterns. They were so HARD to cut through!

  27. Where are these? We have pumpkins on display at our door, but they are not bumpy ones 😉

  28. I’ve seen smooth pumpkins before, I’ve seen gourds before, but I don’t think I have seen bumpy pumpkins before. Neat. It’s the grayish gourds that I think look kind of creepy

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