Taking in the North American International Auto Show with @FordCanada #FordNAIAS

The North American International Auto Show is in full swing down in Detroit and I was lucky enough to have had to opportunity to venture down, even before they opened their doors to the public courtesy of Ford. For the fifth year in a row Ford has broaden their outlook on traditional media and are among the first and undoubtedly the best companies to think outside the box and embrace what they fondly refer to as ‘Online Influencers‘. This year I was proud to attend along with 150 other online enthusiasts from 10 different countries. Hoping we did @Ford proud!

Just taking in the auto show was exciting in itself, but being a Ford Online Influencer, we had a behind the scenes look with access to the Ford lounge as well as front row seats at the Ford Press Release Tuesday morning.

Rockstar Presentation

If you’ve never been to an auto unveiling, let me tell you that it is nothing short of rock concert proportions! The air was alive with excitement as Bill Ford, the great-grandson on Henry Ford took the stage

 Bill Ford NAIAS

One by one we heard from Ford execs like Alan Mulally and Raj Nair as they introduced the Transit Family of vehicles


But the star of the show was the dramatic unveiling of the Ford Atlas Concept! This was super exciting! 


altas pm


And here it is, the Ford Atlas Concept makes it’s debut with great fanfare! This was not what I was expecting when I envisioned a press conference! Ford pulled out all the stops and by the mob scene of paparazzi that flooded the Atlas post reveal, I would say the crowd found it nothing short of amazing! 


For the rest of the morning we were off exploring the full NAIAS show floor, checking out what the other brands brought to the table, but finding Ford has most real estate on the floor plan and a really fun place to hang out. There was a lot to check out from the Ford Police Cars, NASCAR, my absolute favourite Mustang Shelby and the lovely Kat from Mommy Kat and Kids took me on a little high speed joy ride via the Ford Simulator!

Ford NAIAS simulator

The North American International Auto Show is still on until January 27th 2013, in Detroit Michigan. Stop by and say hi to the friendly Ford staff if you plan on attending! 

Stay tuned for more posts about my trip to Detroit with Ford where you will hear all about Ford history at the Henry Ford Museum and The Rouge Factory. 


Disclaimer: Ford Motor Company paid for my travel and accommodations at the three day NAIAS Digital Summit. I was not compensated in any other manner for my time. All opinions are my own and not influenced in any way. 


  1. The unveiling of the Ford Atlas concept was pretty amazing! Great post Jen!!

  2. I was absolutely bouncing with excitement at this reveal; they really made it fun to watch. Thanks for sharing this, Jen, it totally brought that giddy feeling back again seeing the pics!

  3. I can feel the excitement through your photos!

  4. OK I got goose bumps reading your post, I have a thing for trucks and the new F150 looks HOT!

    Rumor has it my DH’s grandpa actually drove for Henry Ford back in the day… wish he was around to ask him about it.

    Looks like you had an amazing time, wish I could of sharing the journey with you. Sometime’s life gets in the way 🙂 XO

    • momvsboys says:

      Wow, there was a guy from the US there that said his great grandfather was a manager for Henry Ford, such a cool history! So sad you didn’t make it this year, maybe next, sounds like you would have loved it!

  5. Wow it looks like Ford has some amazing things lined up! Great coverage! Thanks for sharing Jen! 🙂

  6. Wendy [mapsgirl] says:

    I watched the unveiling using the NAIAS app since I couldn’t be in Detroit with you guys. I was very impressed with the whole presentation! The construction workers definitely portray the “Built Ford Tough” feel!

  7. Looks like fun!

  8. Insane Mamacita says:

    What an awesome opportunity. The show looks fantastic and the new Ford Atlas looks great. We are a Ford family here. We have a Fusion and an Escape. Both great vehicles!

  9. That is a sharp looking truck. I believe it’s suppose to be somewhat fuel efficient too, for a big truck. Do you have any specs to share?

  10. That is awesome! I’m dying to get a new explorer.

  11. Looks like a great experience! I bet you and Kat had a blast

  12. That is so cool! Looks like you had a great time and I’m sure saw some amazing cars!

  13. It was so much fun sharing this awesome experience with you all! I’m still a little dumbstruck.

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