Running Down A Dream of Homeownership

Are you looking to find a dream home for your family? Home values across Canada are still fairly expensive, although prices are beginning their descent to more affordable levels again. But the decline will only bring prices down so far and unless you have $300,000 to $400,000 stashed away – you’re going to need a mortgage to make that dream home a reality.

The traditional method of applying for a mortgage required you to meet with lenders in order to discuss various plans, prices, and terms. This process often gave the lender control over what your policy would be as well as the mortgage rate you would pay for your plan.

Thankfully technology has simplified the process, and you can now complete an online mortgage application to save both time and money using websites such as This service puts the control back in your hands because you determine what you can afford instead of having a mortgage lender dictate terms and conditions to you. Negotiations are about acquiring leverage, and having access to information about all competing lenders provides you with the power to dictate the terms of a plan.

The calculations are completed in only minutes, and establish exactly how much you can afford to pay in monthly mortgage payments. This means you can save on travel time – and gas money – by eliminating the need to negotiate directly with mortgage lenders. Your application can be completed without leaving your computer, and if you are approved it puts you one step closer to fulfilling that dream of homeownership.

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