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Global interview

Sitting with Tara from @GlobalResorts to chat about my stay in Windsor Hills, it all looks pretty intimidating doesn’t it?

Check out the end result Here!

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  1. Good for you!!!!!

  2. How awesome is that! Way to go, Jennifer!

  3. I love this video – great photo too! You did so well!

  4. Oh Hurray! I wondered where you were. That’s awesome. I have been chatting with them myself about an opp down there. Such a cool idea!

  5. did you feel nervous? I think I would be terribly nervous lol !

  6. Very cool, though I never could have done that. I am so nervous and stammer and can’t focus when I have to talk in front of people.

  7. Kathryn says:

    Too cool! Love how professional that set-up is; I DREAM of being able to shoot video all professionally like that!

    • momvsboys says:

      it would have been way easier if I had a chance to stay in the house longer than a few hours! This was early the morning after I arrived the evening before lol
      hence the Vlog post I posted the other day, had to do Global justice after an amazing week there.

      • Kathryn says:

        I LOVED your vlog! I’m so crossing my fingers I get to experience one of those homes for myself one day!

  8. Lucky you to be featured like that. It looks like it turned out very well.

  9. Oh how fun and great job on the video.

  10. OH wow…that’s awesome!! You did a great job too!!

  11. Very Cool!!! You did awesome Jen!

  12. You did so great!!!!

  13. Great job! I think I’d be horrible at stuff like that; too introverted. lol

  14. Sounds like a great interview, and a great place to be staying!!

  15. seems like a great interview; I have heard such great things about global homes – love the view!

  16. Very cool opportunity! LOVE IT!

  17. That is so cool!

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