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The beginning of a new year has so much promise! A chance to start something new, learn a new skill, cross something exciting off of your bucket list! The whole year is a blank page ready to be written!

DK Canada makes learning something new easy with their instructional books on any topic you desire! Whether it’s taking up crochet, perfecting your cake decorating skills or training to run your first marathon, DK Canada has you covered! My husband has been making a lot of trips to Europe over the last few months and has taken an interest in learning more about wine. When I saw the trailer for Wine a Tasting Course by Marnie Old, I couldn’t wait for it to be released! I knew it would be a great fit for my husband with the easy to read style and fun pictures to keep things interesting.

Take a peek!

Another area my husband and I wanted to focus on was fitness, sometimes we need a help getting up and at it! Core Strength Training, was just the source of inspiration I needed! The book vows to  help beginners and fitness fanatics improve mobility, correct poor posture, relieve pain, and add to overall fitness. There are exactly the type of excercises I love to do and saw many of my favourites in there as well, as a ton that were new to me. The pictures were a great guide, I’m a pretty visual learning and tend to skip over text easily so I love that I can take a quick glance at a page and jump right in to action. I even walked into the room the other day to see my son with his hands on the floor and his feet up on the wall! When I asked what he was doing he said he had been reading our book and wanted to try a new move lol funny kid, turns out he was working on a pretty advanced core muscle move lol

core strength training


The last thing I really wanted to work on this year was my memory, it’s actually been bothering me a lot lately that I am having trouble remembering things. When I was out in the workforce my brain was constantly stimulated and working hard, after having the boys, I like to joke that my brain has turned to mush! Only it’s no laughing matter, because it’s frustrating for me and can be pretty embarrassing. I enlisted the help of Joel Levy from the book Boost Your Brain! It’s a fun and easy read with all kinds of tests and challenges to get your mind moving, along with tips and tricks to help you remember everything from names to those pesky PIN numbers!

Here’s a look inside

boost your brain


Other topics you might have on your 2014 list of things to learn are Gardening, Sewing, Crafts, yoga, pilates, reflexology, photography, home brewing, cooking, guitar and languages from Spanish to Japenese! DK Canada has a book or more to help you with all of those! 

Visit DK Canada and start something new!

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  1. I love the idea of boosting your brain. We are always so aware of working out our muscles but not about working out our brains!

  2. My kids have some great hardcover DK books, and they have been enjoyed for years. They are volumes of knowledge and interesting photos from Disney Princess to the Blueprints from the Star Wars Deathstar.

    • we have the Star Wars blueprints too, it’s so big and heavy but my 7 year old still brings it to school in his backpack lol

  3. DK Canada has a book for everyone and everything!! I love how beautifully they are put together and how much information they include!! The core training one is the book I need . Better yet! Is there a “How to get your butt off the couch?” book? lol

  4. DK Canada always such awesome options and selections. 🙂 I think I definitely need some core training. 😛

  5. I’m always looking for ways to grow and build myself, so this looks perfect!! Now if only to find the time! 🙂

  6. Very cool ideas and cool tips on different projects and things to do.

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