Kick up the grill a notch with Sweet Chilli Mayo

The weather has been so unpredictable this spring, we’ve had scorching hot days and super cold temps all in the same week. One thing that is very predictable though is grilling for dinner! It’s so quick and easy to fire up the grill and make a great meal and even though we haven’t been able to eat outside much yet this year, we are definitely giving the barbecue a good use!

To mix things up a bit in the burger department, we gave our regular mayo a little kick this week with the addition of some Blue Dragon Sweet Chilli Dipping Sauce! I’ve been in love with this sauce from the moment I tried it, and I’ll find any an all excuses to sneak it into a meal! It never fails and this time was no different! 

Sweet Chilli Mayo - Mom vs the Boys

Sweet Chilli Mayo

This couldn’t be easier, I swear!

1/2 cup Mayonaise
2 Tbsp Blue Dragon Sweet Chilli Dipping Sauce

Scoop mayonaise into a small bowl, add in sweet chilli sauce and mix together. 

Spread onto your burger bun and assemble your burger as you like. I love mine topped with lots of veggies!

You can aso use this Sweet Chilli Mayo for dipping, it’s goes awesome with fries, especially those spicy lattice fries and great with crunchy veggies like peppers and celery as well!

Sweet Chilli Burger

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Looking for other ways to use Sweet Chilli Dipping Sauce?? Check out this post for three different recipes including fries, veggie dip and an amazing salad dressing!

3 ways to use sweet chilli dipping sauce

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  1. kathy downey says:

    wow,this sure sounds tasty !!

  2. Laurie P says:

    Oh I’m going to have to try this!

  3. loucheryl says:

    This would be great for a BBQ!

  4. I saw this on your facebook page so definitely had to come check it out. Cannot wait to try it.

    • momvstheboys says:

      Thanks for visiting!! Sweet Chilli is my all time favourite blue dragon product! It’s sooooo good!

  5. Treen Goodwin says:

    Sounds delish , i must try it , thanks for sharing 🙂

  6. Sounds good!

  7. Laurie P says:

    Would be so yummy as a dip for chicken fingers….

  8. That would be good on just about anything grilled!

  9. Sarah T says:

    Just two ingredients? I’m sold! Definitely gonna try this for our annual family BBQ!!

  10. sarah sar says:

    Thanks for the review! I have seen this sauce on the store and hummed and hawed over it so many times. I think I will pick it up now!

  11. heidi c. says:

    My hubby would love this as a condiment!

  12. mrdisco says:

    sweet chili mayo is a sure way to turn your burger from meh to wow

  13. Elizabeth Matthiesen says:

    I like the sweet part but not the chilli, I can’t eat spicy food or my mouth burns up. I’d have to think of a replacement. 🙂

  14. Victoria Ess says:

    Sounds like a delicious way to spice things up!

  15. Linda Bragg says:

    I am always looking for ways to change up my hubby’s sandwiches for work. This just might be the thing and I will definitely try this with his chicken or turkey sandwiches. Also sounds great for burgers!! So glad I found this or I would not have ever thought of this combo. 🙂 Can’t wait to try!

  16. I would love some of this sauce for my dinner tomorrow. My hubby loves new sauces.

  17. kathy downey says:

    Blue Dragon Sweet Chilli is really good i just found it on the weekend !!

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