When the gap is small

big caboose pm

My third boy was born just shy of his older brothers first birthday. For four days I had two under one but at totally different stages. Their older brother had turned three just one week before. While I did hope to have kids fairly close in age, I never intended to have them all THAT close … [Read more...]

Mulled Wine

mulled wine

Wine is fine any day of the year, but during these cold winter months it's so comforting to sip on a warm beverage. Deanna from Maple Leaf Mommy has found a way to marry the two with this warm mulled wine recipe that makes the whole house smell inviting. I've invited her over today to share more … [Read more...]

Pizz-Oma-Dilla and other things you may not know about eggs!

pizz-oma-dilla pm

Let's play a game! I'll give you a common thought on eggs, and you tell me if you think it's fact or fiction! Ready?????? 1. Double yolk eggs, real or something only unicorns eat? Have you ever seen one? It's a definite fact and the last time I was visiting my parents they told me that they … [Read more...]

The Great Canadian #Giveaway Link Up

giveaway linky

  Hello and Welcome to the Canadian Friendly Giveaway Link-Up hosted by Maple Leaf Mommy and Mom vs. the Boys This is a weekly link-up, with a new linky published every Thursday (often up by Wednesday night). Fellow Bloggers - Link Up all your Giveaways open to Canada Your giveaway can … [Read more...]

Garnier Whole Blends

hot tub

In the weeks leading up to the holidays I found myself running in all directions, there was so much to get done and it felt like it all fell on my shoulders. Sure enough, just as the kids were finishing their last day of school and my husband was coming home from his last day of the year, I got … [Read more...]

My #1 Tip for Potty Training Boys

tip for potty training boys

Well it's no secret that I am a boymom to 3, but what you may not know is I was an early childhood educator for many years as well. My favourite age group to teach was the Toddlers for their curiousity, emerging personalities and eagerness to please, but working with toddlers also meant always, … [Read more...]

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