Minion Cake

With the new Minion movie coming out this summer, I decided I would make a fun little minion cake for my boy turning 7 this year. Oh, and his dad too, because this kid was born right on his dad's birthday! The good thing is, Minions are so lovable they have fans big and small, and it was the perfect … [Read more...]

Robot Birthday Cake

Another day another birthday around here, yes, when it rains it pours birthday confetti! My baby boy recently turned six, SIX people!!! gah!! What happened to my baby boy? I swore I told that kid he wasn't allowed to grow any older than 4 and here is already 6 and still not listening! Birthdays are … [Read more...]

Hot Wheels Birthday Party + Cupcakes

My boys have birthdays fairly close together, like almost on top of each other. It makes for a very busy week and not enough days in between to throw three separate parties. This year, we decided to try holding one party for all three boys and allowing them each to invite a few friends. Because they … [Read more...]

Quick & Easy Ice Cream Cake

Last year my oldest asked for an ice cream cake for his birthday. Since we were actually having his party at Chuck E Cheeses, it just wasn't possible and he got these Minecraft Creeper Cupcakes instead. So this year, I knew I would plan an ice cream cake just for him. I found a few different recipes … [Read more...]

Tips for Planning a Construction Truck Themed Party Guests Will Dig

If you’re digging around for ideas for a construction truck themed party, you’re in luck!  Construction truck parties are a solid choice. Jennifer Carver from the blog Spaceships and Laser Beams is sharing tips you can build on for your own celebration.  Caution:  You are entering the party … [Read more...]

Ahoy Matey! Everything you need to host a perfect Pirate Party!

  Aaarrrrr Mateys!!!! I've rounded up all you need to throw a fun Pirate Birthday Party from the cake to the games to the rockin decor!! And don't forget the Pirate loot (bags) or those little scally wags will have you walkin' the plank!    Pirate party fare including Fish Sandwiches, Fish … [Read more...]

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