50 Egg-cellent Non-Candy Easter Basket Fillers for Boys

Easter is right around the corner and if truth be told it's not one of my favourite holidays. We rarely, if ever, see extended family on this holiday which is a bit of a downer. In order to try to make the holiday more than just a regular weekend I tend to go a bit over board on the treats. In an … [Read more...]

Boys and Public Bathrooms

Any parent of the opposite sex of their offspring knows how frustrating it can be when you are out on the town and one of them needs to use the washroom. When they were young it I would just haul them all into the ladies room with me, but it didn't take too long for them to start complaining and ask … [Read more...]

Embrace Winter with Skechers Boots {Giveaway}

It's become a bit of a tradition for our family to kick off the new year with a winter hike. On new years day we like to pick a trail and set out together to enjoy the snow and ring in a new year with some fresh air and exercise. I haven't always liked winter, there were plenty of years I preferred … [Read more...]

DIY Christmas Ornaments for Boys

Sometimes it can be a little bit harder to get boys excited over crafting, my secret? Make it all about food! While the boys reluctantly sit at the table for glue and glitter, they will race eachother over when we create with food. They always said the way to a boys heart was through his tummy, … [Read more...]

Hope for the Future in my Little Boys’ Eyes.

We aren't a politcal family so in the months leading up the United States election we didn't speak much of it and definitely not in front of the boys. In time though it became very apparent that despite us parents keeping a low key on it, they were getting their information else where. They very … [Read more...]

The Tenderness of Boys

Last week I went on a field trip to the pumpkin patch with my son’s class. It was a long, cold day filled with corn mazes and pumpkin cannons,  so as soon as we got on the bus at the end of the day my boy lied his head down on my lap and was asleep almost before the bus pulled out of the parking … [Read more...]

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