DIY Christmas Ornaments for Boys

Sometimes it can be a little bit harder to get boys excited over crafting, my secret? Make it all about food! While the boys reluctantly sit at the table for glue and glitter, they will race eachother over when we create with food. They always said the way to a boys heart was through his tummy, … [Read more...]

Treats for Toys is back!

We try to make a point of donating regularily throughout the year but even more so during the holiday. We always make sure to bring a toy to the local toy drive, drop a few items in the food bank bin on the way out of the grocery store but by far our favourite way to give during the holidays is … [Read more...]

Send Holiday Greetings Near and Far with Tiny Prints

There are so many tasks to complete for the holidays, but the good news is they are usually pretty fun so they don't seem too daunting. From decorating the house to baking treats I love each job as long as I stay on schedule and things don't start piling up. One of my favourite things to check off … [Read more...]

Playmobil NHL Advent Calendar to Kick Off the Holidays!

This might come as a surprise to some but I have never had an advent calendar and neither have my boys. While we do have a number of fun holiday traditions some of the classics never really took with our family like advents or even gingerbread houses. This year, that's all going to change and if you … [Read more...]

Merry Christmas!

[Read more...]

Hot Havarti Dip

We have a holiday tradition in our house that on Christmas Eve and on New Year's Eve, we make finger foods and appetizers to enjoy by the fireplace while we watch movies. No big meals, just appys and treats and it's a night we look forward to all year long!  A few years back I tried this Havarti … [Read more...]

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