Wait, Milk Chocolate Boobies?

Last night just after dinner, a knock came to the door. It was the neighbours who had planned to be out of town on Halloween night and didn't want our kids to miss out on a treat. Sweet right? She gave each of our boys a small bag of candy and headed on her way. The boys eagerly took their bags to … [Read more...]

DIY Halloween Mantel for Quick, Easy and Cheap Halloween Decorating

Happy Halloween! Halloween is just 7 days away! Eek! Are you ready mamas?? I just got our house decorated today and wanted to share a quick, easy, and inexpensive way to decorate your fireplace mantel or house for Halloween! Start with any decor items you might already have I made this … [Read more...]

DIY Large Trash Bag Spiderwebs

With just a week to go until Halloween, I finally have my fireplace mantel decorated for the holiday! This is the first year I've dressed up the room for Halloween, and didn't want to spend a lot of money so I went with some stuff I already had on hand, and got a little creative too! Visit this post … [Read more...]

COFFIN CRISP Mummies in a Graveyard Halloween Treat!

Halloween is such a fabulously fun time of year! The holiday lends itself to the best crafts and has hands down the most fun treats! Whether you want to go full on creepy or a little bit cute, you are never at a loss for festive activites around All Hallows' Eve! This year, Nestlé is getting into … [Read more...]

Monster Mash Halloween Round Up

I was working in the lab, late one night when my eyes beheld an eerie sight.....it's almost time for witches in the air, pumpkins in the patch and of course our Monster friends doing The Mash! Just in time for some Halloween Fun, I've rounded up a mash of Monster Crafts and Treats for you! They'll … [Read more...]

Celebrating Halloween with Minted.com

Based on the looks of all the kids faces this morning as they clung to their parents shivering at the bus stop, I would say that Fall is definitely in the air! Did it ever turn chilly fast! With Thanksgiving and Halloween just weeks away, it's time to accept the new season and prepare for our … [Read more...]

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