Walmart Celebrates Back to School Beauty {Giveaway}

back to school

The final few weeks of summer are upon us, can I get a collective Boo! While the lazy days of summer are certainly relaxing and fun, it's also good to get back into that routine come fall. This year comes with a little change for us as my kids will no longer be taking the bus. That means, no more … [Read more...]

Engage in Summer Adventures with Thomas! {Giveaway}


Summer is made for going on adventures! For my active guys that usually means getting them out into nature to explore forests, trails and waterways! It also happens to be mom and dad's favourite way to get active and connect with the kids too! New experiences give us a chance to learn … [Read more...]

Go Green this year at school with R3volved! {Giveaway}

r3volved products

Did you know that it takes plastic over a millenium to photodegrade? Because the sun has to hit plastics to make them deteriorate, and it's pretty tricky to do at the bottom of a landfill. This is what is inspiring Canadian company R3volved to turn waste into school, home and office supplies you … [Read more...]

Summer Giveaway with Church & Dwight

purple toes pm

We are more than half way through summer and I can't believe how fast it's going! The days are long, but the weeks are short it seems. When I've got my toes in the sand and drink in hand, it feels like the good book I'm reading and the days of summer will last forever, but then I see another week … [Read more...]

Back to School with Mabel’s Labels {Giveaway}


It's the most - wonderful time - of the year!!! Okay, I kid, I kid, but for a stay at home mom, sending the kids back to school is a bit of relief! Well, let's say it's bittersweet! We miss them when they are gone, but there's such a thing as too much of a good thing!  Before my oldest son … [Read more...]

Strauss Water Canada is coming to the Canfitpro World Fitness Expo! {Giveaway}


Did you know that drinking enough water is one of the best things you can do to improve your health and the health of your family? Sounds easy enough right? Actually most of us struggle with this, but it's so important to fuel our bodies, expecially in the hot temperatures of summer.  Check … [Read more...]

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