Valentine’s Day must-haves from Trudeau


Valentines Day is right around the corner and I've been busy in the kitchen testing out some of the best products from Trudeau that just scream....err....whispers romance! Sometimes it's the little ways we show our affection that mean the most, and the Heart shaped egg ring is just the thing to … [Read more...]

Age is just a number, Olay Ageless #Giveaway

Olay giveaway prize

Sooooo...... a blogger you all know and love is turning the BIG 4-0 next month. Yup, I'm a February baby so I've been busy this week renewing my health card and drivers license and all that jazz. Not that I needed a reminder that my 40th was coming up quickly or anything, in fact, I kind of just … [Read more...]

A Resolution that’s easy to keep! {Giveaway}


As the New Year approaches, it’s inevitable that everyone is going to be talking about their resolutions. Sometimes you’ll hear about resolutions that are a bit too optimistic, “I’m going to make a bajillion dollars (disclaimer: not a real number).” Some resolutions are vague and general, “be … [Read more...]

Philosophy Holiday Gifts {Giveaway}

philosophy for the holidays

The holidays are in full swing and if you are still looking for a fun gift for your BFF, mother, daughter, babysitter, teacher......almost any lady, consider Philosophy! Not only are Philosophy products amazing and smell delightful, but they come ready for gift giving in the prettiest … [Read more...]

Make your photos pop this holiday with Posterjack #12DaysofGiveaways


This fall our family welcomed a new puppy into the family. With any new family member it was a truly exciting time as we got to know our new baby! The picture above was taken on our first day with us. You can see all of his soft fluffy newness in his fur and a slight unsureness in his eyes. Little … [Read more...]

Holiday Gift Ideas from Blo Pens and Little Live Pets Turtles {Giveaway}

blo pens

Remember those Blo Pens from the 90's? The popular arts and crafts toy from the 1990s is back! Kids today can now create works of art from just blowing into magic markers just like the kids in the 90's did! I couldn't resist the urge to give it a try!  It's still a lot of fun! Most sets come … [Read more...]

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