What’s Your Cupcake Personality? Find out at Kimberley’s Bakeshoppe! {Giveaway}


Are you a Vanilla Bean or a Red Velvet? Carrot Nut or Pumpkin Spice? Me? I'm a Triple Chocolate!! Yeahhhhh Baby! That's right, no surprise there, I LOVE me some Chocolate and Chocolate x3 is right up my alley! Want to know your own cupcake personality?? Sure ya do,because in addition to … [Read more...]

Open your home to guests this holiday season, without the stress! {Giveaway}


Often during the holidays we have family from afar come and stay with us for a few days over the season. This year our guests changed things up a little and visited us over Thanksgiving. Before preparing for guests, I always feel a little stressed out, but after I come up with a plan for meals and … [Read more...]

Use Your Common Cents this Holiday {Giveaway}

PG everyday logo

This month, Canada’s self-proclaimed ‘money-honey’, Gail Vaz-Oxlade launched ‘Use Your Common Cents Day’. Honestly, there could have been no better timing with holiday season sneaking up on us. Many Canadians are feeling the inevitable burden of bills and the need to save., in Fact, 1 in 3 (31%)  … [Read more...]

Put Me in the Story this Christmas {Giveaway}

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I have three boys who love to read, and I'm so thankful for it! Bedtime snuggles and stories with the little boys are a favourite part of the day for all of us and even though my eight year old loves to read to himself now, he still allows us to share a chapter together now and then or sometimes he … [Read more...]

Winter Whites Giveaway


As that first tiny flake of snow floated through the air, my family and I tried to hold on to Summer for just a little big longer and jumped on a plane to Jamaica. We are NOT fans of cold weather, despite living in the great white north. But no amount of denial was going to save us from Jack Frost, … [Read more...]

Make it a KINDER Christmas! {Giveaway}

Christmas eve

Two days after Halloween we left for a family vacation to Jamaica, we couldn't have picked a better time with the cold weather settling in. When we returned this week our house was surrounded by the neighbours reindeer and blinking lights! Christmas already? Canadians are serious about our winter … [Read more...]

Top five CO tips for winter {Giveaway}

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The air is feeling crisp and cool these days and I'm itching for movie nights in front of the fireplace, a favourite Winter pastime at our house! We are pretty wimpy when it comes to cold and would hibernate in our cozy house all winter long if we could, but that luxury never, ever comes at the … [Read more...]

When ‘Boys will be Boys’, Nexcare steps in {Giveaway}


With three boys in the house, we have our share of scrapes, scratches and bruises. My middle son had his first black eye before he could walk! Being a boymom you learn it's all part of the parenting males game and try not to get too upset over all the roughness, but keeping a well stocked medicine … [Read more...]

Healthy Shopper Picks for Fall 2014 {Giveaway}

healthy shopper

The Healthy Shopper is the only coupon book for natural and organic products in Canada and is distributed in more than 450 health food stores nationwide. Each season The Healthy Shopper picks favourite products to help us eat healthier throughout the coming months. As Fall creeps in it can be harder … [Read more...]

Turn yourself into a real Bobblehead! {Giveaway}

bobble couple

For awhile now I've been known as the girl with the big head. Who can blame them really, see me over there on the right? I love my cartoon bobblehead and the staff over at Things Engraved noticed it too. See, they are pretty fond of bobbleheads themselves and let me know that they could make that … [Read more...]

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