Are you #noseblind? Find out and see how Febreze can help {Giveaway}


Ever heard of being "noseblind"?  Here's a definition: The gradual acclimation to the smells of one’s home, car, or belongings, in which the affected does not notice them (even though their guests do). I'm totally guilty of this, a lifer actually. Growing up my mom owned a hair salon in … [Read more...]

PC has captured the taste of Summer!

PCSummer Collage

From the sauciest burgers to the fruity tastes of the tropics, President's Choice has captured all our favourite flavours of Summer perfectly this year! Over the last month my family has been sampling some of the best new products that PC has out for Summer and they were definitely a hit during our … [Read more...]

Swimways Spring Float makes Family Travel Fun and Easy!

pool float pm

My boys aren't lucky enough to have a backyard pool, so the most exciting thing for them when we travel is the hotel pool! They love to splash, play and cannon ball their little hearts out but one thing a hotel pool lacks is toys. In the last couple weeks we've stayed in a couple hotels and the boys … [Read more...]

Watch for Trind on the Shopping Channel Today! {Giveaway}

trind giveaway

In June I introduced you all to Trind, a European nail care and colour company that was invading USA and Canada territory by storm and gaining popularity every step of the way. Well, they haven't slowed down a beat and today you'll be able to find them on your favourite television shopping … [Read more...]

Parenting Gift Basket {Giveaway}

parenting 101

Being a parent is stressful, plain and simple. In fact, it may just be one of the greatest challenges of your life – especially if it’s a first. All of a sudden you are responsible for a new baby and books can only help so much. If it’s not your first, it becomes a balancing act between your new … [Read more...]


imagination movers

DISNEY JUNIOR PRESENTS … THE IMAGINATION MOVERS ‘BACK IN BLUE’ CONCERT TOUR! Imagination Movers are on the move, bringing a fun and exciting can't-miss concert experience to kids across Canada. Stopping in 16 cities from coast to coast! Known for their energetic and interactive live performances, … [Read more...]

Summer Snack Essentials with Dare #REALFRUIT Berries and Chews! {Giveaway}

Dare realfruit snacks

For some reason Summer is all about the snacks for the boys and I, lazy summer days and road trip ice cream stands just scream "I need a treat!" to us! While I try not to dole out the sugar filled snacks too often, I know in reality, I'm kinda craving one myself! Dare REALFRUIT Snacks to the … [Read more...]

Taming Summer Hair #PGmom {Giveaway}

beach hair

Beachy waves are always in when it comes to Summer hair! The carefree, or messy waves if you will, are easy to achieve and down right sexy. Besides, there's just no point in fighting humidity right? To help control the frizz but keep those lazy waves in your hair, Vidal Sassoon has a killer combo to … [Read more...]

Keeping Kids Happy and Healthy all Summer long


The lazy days of Summer are now upon us and while it's so tempting to toss away the everyday routine one thing we can't let the kids skip out on is staying healthy! We might be sleeping in a tad bit later, but morning routines are still in place which includes a healthy breakfast, brushing their … [Read more...]

Playtime with B Kids

product shot

Ahhh bath time! In our house there are “mommy” baths and “daddy” baths. The kids always want a Daddy bath. Mommy baths are all business... in, wash and out as quickly as possible because I have 4 kiddos to wash and bedtime is fast approaching. Daddy baths are the fun baths. Daddy pulls out all the … [Read more...]

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