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DK factivity

Does anyone else just loath when their kids come home from school and announce they need to prepare a speech? Even though I graduated from school many moons ago, I can still feel that anxiety start to creep back just at the thought of my boys standing in front of their classroom sharing thoughts, … [Read more...]

Winter colds and a great #Giveaway!

vicks collage

I still remember what sick days looked like when I was a little girl. My mom would have the humidifier running in my bedroom billowing out steam and she always pulled out the Vicks VapoRub for our chests. Our family managed to get through most of the winter without too much sickness, but as the … [Read more...]

Red Carpet Ready {Giveaway}


Okay okay, maybe it wasn't a red carpet moment but last weekend I went out on a date night with my husband. So what's the big deal? Neither of us could remember the last time we had actually went out on a date! It's been more than a couple years to say the least and long overdue!  So with the … [Read more...]

Hasbro Introduces Play-Doh Town!

play doh town sets

Snuggled on the couch with the boys, we catch our first glimpse of the Play-Doh Town sets from Hasbro during a commercial break. The boys immediately start saying "I want that" like they do everytime I cool new toy pops up on screen, but then the laughter ensues, 'did that dog just poop'?. He sure … [Read more...]

Valentine’s Day must-haves from Trudeau


Valentines Day is right around the corner and I've been busy in the kitchen testing out some of the best products from Trudeau that just scream....err....whispers romance! Sometimes it's the little ways we show our affection that mean the most, and the Heart shaped egg ring is just the thing to … [Read more...]

Age is just a number, Olay Ageless #Giveaway

Olay giveaway prize

Sooooo...... a blogger you all know and love is turning the BIG 4-0 next month. Yup, I'm a February baby so I've been busy this week renewing my health card and drivers license and all that jazz. Not that I needed a reminder that my 40th was coming up quickly or anything, in fact, I kind of just … [Read more...]

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