Games Night isn’t just for the kids! {Giveaway}

apples to apples freestyle

Who says kids get to have all of the fun? Games night is a great way for adults to connect too! September is a busy month with the return of school and sports, but fall is also a great season to curl up by the fireplace with your best friends, pour a glass of wine and laugh over some games. Tuck … [Read more...]

Move the Fun Indoors with Hot Wheels

hot wheels Sept

When the warm weather hits my boys break out their collection of 'outdoor toys' which includes a stash of hot wheels cars that they play with in the sandbox and water table. September has been good to us weather wise but cooler days are just around the corner, and the fun will start to move … [Read more...]

Engage in Summer Adventures with Thomas! {Giveaway}


Summer is made for going on adventures! For my active guys that usually means getting them out into nature to explore forests, trails and waterways! It also happens to be mom and dad's favourite way to get active and connect with the kids too! New experiences give us a chance to learn … [Read more...]

No More Rainy Day Blues with Mattel Games

mattel games

There's nothing like rain to ruin a summer day, but it doesn't have to end all of the fun. Rainy days and nights are just times when you have to get a little more creative with your fun strategy and one of our favourites is a good old fashion game night! If you have a covered porch area, it's really … [Read more...]

Green Toys are FUN toys! {Giveaway}

Green Toys 1

  I’m a mommy of two boys who love to play in the dirt and at the beach.  My five year old son is particularly interested in all things gardening.  He helps me plant flowers and vegetables.   My little guy, who is turning two this month, loves to play in the sand, be it in our sand table or … [Read more...]

Fun and Frugal Learning this Summer!

hot wheels building 700

On the last day of school my nine year old son literally ran out of the school doors yelling 'FREEDOM!!!!' at the top of his lungs! The next day he showed up at my side looking bored, yes, my little social butterfly was ready to return to the classroom already! I'll never forget the look on his face … [Read more...]

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