Bacon Wrapped Chicken Tenders

It's May, and May should mean some fairly awesome barbecuing weather. But after about the fifth consecutive day of rain, I finally gave in to the fact that my chicken was not going to be barbecued. I get it, I get it, it's Spring and it rains in the springtime, but come on!!! It feels like the … [Read more...]

Southwestern Chicken and Rice Skillet

We've been blessed this year to have a warm and sunny September, for the most part, but it couldn't last forever! Looking at the gloom and rain outside my window right now, I'm thinking of what kind of comfort food I can whip up for dinner tonight. Fall is all about the return of homemade soup, … [Read more...]

Sweet Chilli Chicken Pizza on the Grill

Summers were meant for being outdoors, come the warmer months our backyard deck becomes our haven - until the mosquitos drive us in of course! We eat all of our meals under our gazebo and grill as much as possible, our deck literally becomes our outdoor kitchen!  While we love our hamburgers … [Read more...]

It’s BBQ Season! Tex Mex Chicken Fajitas are on the menu!

We are FINALLY getting a taste of Spring! This time of year you can never be too sure if it is going to last or drop back into a deep freeze, so the boys and I soak up every big of sun we could this weekend! We spent yesterday skipping stones at the lake, jumping on the trampoline and raking the … [Read more...]