Score Big this Hockey Season! {Giveaway}

Skates, helmets and tournaments – oh my, it must hockey season! Whether your kiddos are full fledged hockey players or just learning the basics at skating lessons seeing your little one’s determination on the ice is priceless and a joy to watch! Here are some ways to prepare for hockey … [Read more...]

Forget kids! What parents are not looking forward to for back to school!

Much to the despair of our little ones, back-to-school time is fast approaching. The freedom and fun of summer will soon be over and the reality of routines and homework is about to start. While we’re eager to get the kiddies out of the house at last, the reality is that it comes with a few … [Read more...]

Time for a little Spring Cleaning {Giveaway}

This year I almost decided to skip some of my spring cleaning. There is construction going on in our neighbourhood and we can barely see the sun for dust some days! Forget about what my windows look like! lol  But I did it, I got my step stool out and even started with the windows, because spring … [Read more...]

Winter Whites Giveaway

As that first tiny flake of snow floated through the air, my family and I tried to hold on to Summer for just a little big longer and jumped on a plane to Jamaica. We are NOT fans of cold weather, despite living in the great white north. But no amount of denial was going to save us from Jack Frost, … [Read more...]

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