#stopCOMPAREnting real life vs. the highlight reel


  Let's face it, this parenting gig is hard and not one of us has it down to perfection all of the time, so let's get real with each other here. StopCOMPAREnting! To celebrate the real side of parenting – the one we don’t always see through our social media feeds – the Quaker brand is … [Read more...]

When the gap is small

big caboose pm

My third boy was born just shy of his older brothers first birthday. For four days I had two under one but at totally different stages. Their older brother had turned three just one week before. While I did hope to have kids fairly close in age, I never intended to have them all THAT close … [Read more...]

Don’t be fooled

snap like a twig

I came across this image the other day and immediately gave it a share on facebook. I shared it because I had 3 babies without medication and it made me laugh. At first. Yes, at first it made me laugh, but then something far more serious settled into the lines of my face and wiggled down into my … [Read more...]

Dietainment – Digging Deeper

boxer pm

Last week, I shared with you in a blog post a new iniative from Multi-Grain Cheerios that has parents signing a petition to stop harmful messaging to kids about their bodies. While most people equate body image struggles to girls, I wanted to share and explore the topic from a boy's perspective. … [Read more...]

What is “Dietainment” and how you can help stop it

man arms pm

My boys are suckers for stereotypes. Go ahead, ask them what police officers do? Fight bad guys? Nope, they'll answer 'eat donuts and coffee'. Terrible right? Don't look at me with your pointed fingers either, nothing of the sort has ever come out of my mouth or my husbands, but everytime we drive … [Read more...]

Hush, Little Baby……#BetterForBaby

Yesterday I was on a field trip with my son's class, when one of the dad volunteers spotted a baby across the splash pad. A teacher was chatting with the lady next to her and holding her new baby, and this dad could not resist. "I've got to go see the baby" he announced, and off he went to get a … [Read more...]

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