Spring Skechers for Kids

Spring has sprung and with it came a burst of energy from the boys. After being cooped up all winter the boys were ready to get outside and burn off some energy. The last few weeks have been a flurry of bike rides, soccer, baseball and trampoline jumping! They are even out on the trampoline in their … [Read more...]

Skechers for Spring and Summer {Giveaway}

Mother Nature is being rather cruel this year and holding back on Spring. Here it is almost May and we are still seeing flakes of snow fall! That doesn't seem fair, but Skechers has you covered for a stylish Spring and Summer too! So go ahead and put away those winter boots into storage until next … [Read more...]

Bailey Berry – Easy Peasy Shoes for Kids! {Giveaway}

Independence is a wonderful thing isn't it Mama's? I remember the days of having a 3 yr old, 1 yr old  and new born in the house, just getting out the door seemed to take longer than the trip itself! Today I am down to one little dude that needs a hand with shoes and zippers and what a relief! … [Read more...]