Wordless Wednesday ~ Sesame Sleep

This is what a full day at Sesame Place looks like

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  1. Awww so precious!

  2. aww! poor little guy! all tired out!

  3. beyond cute… I love pictures like this

  4. Absolutely adorable!

  5. Awwww! Tooooooo stinkin’ cute!!! xoxox Happy WW, my friend!

  6. AWWWW! Tired out kids are the best! They’re like pearls in oysters…incredibly rare! 😉

  7. Awhhh, poor little guy , he must have had a full day of fun!!

  8. So tuckered out – what a fun day he must have had!

  9. So sweet! Love the caption “Sesame Sleep” hehe. He must have had a great day to be so tuckered out 😉

    • momvsboys says:

      it was a long one and no nap, he was exhausted. we laughed our butts off watching his head sway and bob before it finally found a resting place lol

  10. Haha, I have a similar picture at the end of our day at Sesame, except it was the minute she hit the car. He must have had a fun day!

  11. So cute asleep in his wagon!

  12. How sweet!

  13. Awee haha too cute”_

  14. Looks like a successful day! So adorable

  15. Looks like a successful day! So adorable

  16. Aww, what a sweet slumber to capture! ^.^

    ♥ aquariann
    Featured Photo: Canna Lily

  17. Awww too much Sesame for someone.

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