Enjoy a Night Out at the Movies for Free with Scotia Bank and Scene! {Giveaway}

It seems that every summer my boys grow and stretch to new limits and have a so many new ‘firsts’ before the first fall leave blows. This week we had another first in our family, Little Buddy’s first movie in a movie theatre! I have to admit we don’t take the boys to the movies very often, with a family of five, it is just too expensive but thanks to Scotiabank and Scene you can make this fond family outing much more affordable, even FREE!

 SCENE is Scotiabank’s movie rewards program that lets members earn points that can be redeemed for free movie tickets, concession combos, and more!

A regular SCENE membership is free and easy and will get you 250 points just for signing up! It has great perks like 10% off snacks and Tuesday movies and you can earn 100 SCENE points with every movie purchase.

scene movie tickets

But you can earn points so much faster with SCENE Scotiacard and SCENE Visa card!  For every $5 you spend using your SCENE ScotiaCard debit card or $1 you spend using your SCENE VISA card, you receive 1 SCENE point. When you reach 1000 points, you are on your way to the movies my friend! The sign up bonus’ alone will get you a family night out at the movies absolutely free!

So Little Buddy’s first movie theatre experience went fairly well, at just 3 years old I knew he would be squirmy and could lose interest and he did, but the whole family had fun anyway! We saw  Ice Age 4: Continental Drift in 3D, I would have rathered skipped the 3D and saw a regular movie because I knew he wouldn’t keep those glasses on but the theatre was only playing the regular movie once and the 3D version at about 5 different times so we had limited choices and had to go with the time that worked best. Now that we have a SCENE card, we will be saving our points so that we can take the boys to the movies more often! Kudos to Scotiabank for creating a fun and rewarding program that everyone can take part in!

Want to know that feeling of attending the movies for FREE? Two winners will receive 1000 points each which equals one free movie ticket to see any movie they want! Don’t have a SCENE card? It’s super quick and easy to sign up and instantly you will receive a temporary card you can print out or download onto your phone so you can hit the movies without waiting for your card to arrive in the mail! Want to know the feeling of attending the movies for FREE all the time??? Sign up for the Scotiabank Debit or Visa Card and you may never pay for another movie again!

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scene movie tickets


  1. I think I would take my kids to see Finding Nemo in 3D

  2. I’m dying to see Total Recall – that’s the movie I’d watch if I win.

  3. stacey dempsey says:

    I have to say my teenage daughter got me hooked on the twilight series so I will be going to the new one for sure

  4. Premium Rush – i like Joseph Gordon-Levitt

  5. jentam777@gmail.com says:

    I want to see Paranorman.

  6. Expendables

  7. gibberish (Julie G.) says:

    The Bourne Legacy

  8. Last Recall

  9. I would like to see The Odd Life of Timothy Green.

    silverneon2000 at yahoo dot com

  10. I’d love to go see the new Madagascar movie

  11. I’d go and see the new Bourne movie!

  12. the new Batman movie

  13. Anu Chopra says:

    The Odd Life of Timothy Green.

  14. the bourne legacy

  15. I would probably wait until Lincoln comes out and watch that!

  16. Maegan Morin says:

    I really want to see The Curious Life of Timothy Green

  17. Brenda Witherspoon says:

    last recall

  18. Jennifer Barata Allen says:

    the new GI Joe Movie

  19. Tabitha P says:

    I would use the points to go see the last Twilight movie! 🙂

  20. I am not sure; probably hope springs if it was a date night; if I took Julien then we would probably go see ice age again…..

  21. I would like to see Expendables 2.

  22. hmmmm i’d probably go see finding nemo in 3d

  23. either total recall remake (if i went with hubby) or finding nemo (if i went with the kids)

  24. I still haven’t seen The Dark Knight Rises, so I would love to see that if I won!

  25. Premium Rush looks interesting.

  26. Doris Calvert says:

    Total Recall-He’s Back!!

  27. Belinda McNabb says:

    I would go see the bourne legacy

  28. Nakul Sharma says:

    dark knight rises

  29. Premium Rush fo sho

  30. Premium Rush

  31. Les Miserables

  32. Neils Thor says:

    dark knight rises

  33. rick sawyer says:

    anything but batman

  34. eleanor q says:

    I’d like to see The Bourne Legacy

  35. Marlene V says:

    Finding Nemo in 3D

  36. Mike Gismondi says:

    Finding Nemo 3D

  37. The Bourne Legacy. I loved the whole series of movies.

  38. giahung la says:

    premium rush

  39. any action movie

  40. Florence C says:

    The Odd Life of Timothy Green

  41. Expendables 2

  42. Bourne Legacy

  43. Marjorie L. says:

    Finding Nemo 3D

  44. Dark Knight Rises

  45. Joanna Poon says:

    Dark Knight Rises

  46. There are too many to choose from! I would have to think about it!~

  47. ParaNorman

  48. I would see The Campaign

  49. I would love to see Finding Nemo 3D with my boys.

  50. gibberish (Julie G.) says:

    The Odd Life of Timothy Green

  51. Lisa Marshall says:

    I would see Lawless.

  52. hubby really wants to see the new Batman but i would like a romantic comedy.

  53. I would take in the Batman movie

  54. The odd life of Timothy Green 🙂

  55. paalini sathiyaseelan says:

    I still remember the first movie my mom took me to the theatres was Pocahontas and i was only 5 years old. I was so excited because all the characters were big and the surround sound made me feel like i was in the movie. I guess kids don’t need 3D to make a movie feel real! That was definitely one of the best memories i have of my mom!

  56. Natalie Chizen says:

    Finding Nemo in 3D

  57. Either The Odd Life of Timothy Green, Finding Nemo in 3D or the new Madagascar movie. 🙂

  58. arash naghdi says:

    expendables 2

  59. The new Bourne movie!

  60. The Words

  61. Hit and Run

  62. hi
    i managed to botch my tweet entry for today (sept 4) – i clicked ok before entering the tweet link.
    here is the link:
    if the entry doesn’t count, that’s fine – but i just don’t want you to think i was cheating 🙂

  63. The Words

  64. i would take my son to see the new Batman movie

  65. Finding Nemo or Ted


  66. the new will ferril movie!

  67. The Dark Knight.

  68. elaine bolduc says:

    mighty mike i think its called

  69. julie bolduc says:

    I would see primium rush

  70. The new James Bond!
    Thanks for making this open to Canadians.

    Besos, Sarah
    Zookeeper at Journeys of The Zoo

  71. I would love to see Rock Of Ages!

  72. I would see Finding Nemo 3D!

  73. Finding Nemo 3D!!!

  74. heather holmberg says:

    I would wait and use it to see the new Great Gatsby with Leo DiCaprio !

  75. Angela Mitchell says:

    I’d like to see Looper.

  76. I would like to see… um…. is the dark knight still out?

  77. The Odd Life of Timothy Green

  78. Finding Nemo 3D!

  79. Total recall

  80. Judge Dredd

  81. The final Twilight when it comes out in November!

  82. finding nemo in 3d

  83. Shannon Mac says:

    i’d take my dad to Lawless.

  84. Michelle jadaa says:

    The new bourne movie and lawless both look good.

  85. I would love to see the odd life of Timothy Green

  86. Cory Fillion says:

    Please enter me in your a night at the movies giveaway.
    In response to your question of What Movie would you take in if you won?
    I would like to see the Bourne Legacy.

  87. I would take my grandson to see Nemo in 3D:)

  88. Caroline Morin says:

    I’d probably go see Looper.

  89. Lawless

  90. Veronica Blanchette says:

    I love my scene card, we use it all the time for expensive “night out treats”, I’d save it for Breaking Dawn part two!

  91. Courtenay Coad says:

    The Bourne Legacy is the movie I would take myself and my boyfriend too! We so need a night away from the baby 🙂 Good luck everyone

  92. Jodi, Kolchak & Felix says:

    I love the whole Scene points thing. I have the card and the Scene Visa and I haven’t paid for movies in a long time! This week, I’m looking forward to Finding Nemo with a few friends – all on my Scene points!

  93. Bourne

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