ABC Friday – E is for….


E is for… Exercise and Exploring

My boys love to explore and while we don’t get out very often in the Wintertime, we still love a good hike through the woods!

ABC Friday

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  1. Darn tooting e is for exercise. I am going to try to get this girls outside for some of that today. I love hikes in the snow and scavenger hunts too .

  2. I bet they loved walking in the snow! What a wonderful picture!

  3. I love exploring, sadly my son wants to sit down every 5 minutes when we go walking though.

  4. Snow is such a great reason to get out and exercise!! What a beautiful picture!!

  5. What an amazing picture of your boys 🙂 Have fun exploring! XO

  6. Two great “E” words!

  7. OMG, I love that picture…. SO cute, all 3 little ones… Your pics are awesome girl!

  8. what a beautiful pictures!

  9. BEAUTIFUL photo!!

  10. Beautiful pic! 😀

  11. Love the picture…. looks just like a post card….( do they still have those??)

  12. beautiful photograph, my kids also love going on little outdoor adventures like this one.

  13. On a day like today walking anywhere in the snow is some good exercise! That photo is going to be great memory keeper.

  14. What a sweet shot with the three boys in a row like that! Outdoor exploring is the best!

    • momvsboys says:

      I like how you can see how close they are in size all lined up like that. people are constantly asking us if we have twins or if they are all ours.

  15. Awww! Love the photo!

  16. Lovely memory you’ve captured there. I really should get the girls outside more often.

  17. Julia @AskMamaMOE says:

    What a fantastic photo. It’s one that would look wonderful blown up in your home. 🙂

  18. beautiful picture!

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