ABC Friday – F is for…

F is for Friends

F is for… Friends

To the ladies who ‘get’ me, who are always around even if it’s the middle of the night, who listen, who understand, who aren’t afraid to disagree, and who support me like no one else! Thank You!
And while some of my blogging buds are not in this picture above, you definitely know who you are and I adore you just the same! 

ABC Friday

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  1. The best F I can think of! I don’t know how we ladies would make it through without our girlfriends! Happy Friday. xo

  2. nice picture. I totally agree with your sentiment. I have a throw pillow that says “Friends are the family you choose for yourself”.

  3. Friends are what keep us going!

  4. Great photo 🙂

  5. Its great to have people in your corner!

  6. What a great picture! And so great to know all of you too!

  7. This is my favourite F word!! 🙂

  8. A great bunch of girls!

  9. F is for FREE TIME! I’m a mom. I don’t get much of it. lol. But Friends are also super awesome and something we all need. I need some Friend time too.

  10. beautiful picture and well said 🙂

  11. Lovely group of friends. Great “F” word. 🙂

  12. Hey! I’m in that pic! 😀
    You’re always welcome to call me in the middle of the night if you need me! (let me know if you need my number!)

    • so sweet of you! it’s funny how you can always find one of us online no matter what day or time it is! we live online! lol

  13. Julia @AskMamaMOE says:

    How sweet! I love this picture – I was on the sidelines but I love the group shot of so many of you 🙂

  14. Oh what a great picture! I am guessing it was She’s Connected?

  15. Awww… and Thank YOU lady!

  16. Don’t know them all but see a few familiar faces in that shot. Loved meeting everyone that weekend!

  17. That’s a great f word!

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