Bedtime Gift Basket made Perfect with I See Me!

Sometimes the youngest members of the family can be hard to shop for. They aren't really old enough to make a wish list or tell you what they want and it might seem like they have everything they need. One thing is for certain though, a personalized gift is always a big hit with children and their … [Read more...]

Rest Easy Tonight

With the carefree days of summer behind us children may start to have the stresses of back to school time creep back into their lives. Let's face it, returning to class with new teachers, new schedules and making new friends is really tough stuff for our little ones and it could trigger nighttime … [Read more...]

Getting ready for a new school year with DK

If you are anything like me you start out summer holidays with good intentions on keeping the kids active in reading and writing. The plan was to continue their work with spelling and printing and other topics and we did pretty good the first week, but then things slowly started to slip in the … [Read more...]

Back-to-school styles made easy at Carter’s | OshKosh

Growing up my brother was always reinventing himself. His style changed on the regular and my friends were never quite sure who they would find walking out of the bedroom down the hall. From punk to skater and even preppy, he kept my mom on her toes in the clothes department. My own boys are still … [Read more...]

Grossery Gang review with unboxing video!

Have you heard of the Grossery Gang yet? This is a new toy brand for us, but when I showed my own gang the toys online they were eager to check them out. "sooooo.....these are like Shopkins for boys!" my oldest exclaimed. Well, yes, and maybe no. I'm sure there are girls out there who aren't … [Read more...]

Back-to-School Shoes…check!

Why do all my kids grow a size at the same time? Does this happen to other families as well? Just when I thought I had this whole back-to-school thing handled, I realized that all the boys will be needing new shoes this year since they are all pretty much maxing out on the ones they have now. Truth … [Read more...]

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