Baby Shower Card and Gift Tag – Free Printable!

Recently a friend of the family had a brand new little bundle arrive and we were so excited to help shower the new family with love. We put together a small gift and wanted to get it sent over right away but didn't have a card on hand. I turned to my favourite go-to Pinterest, but it didn't generate … [Read more...]

It’s Official, I’m Great!

With a nephew in his 20's, I've been an Aunt now for quite a few years and like to think I'm pretty good at it. But thanks to this little cutie, who was born just days before Christmas, it's official. I'm great! Meet my brand spanking new Great Nephew! Making me a pretty excited Great Aunt … [Read more...]

Keeping warm with the Nomie Baby Stroller Blanket

My reviewer Diane, take the Nomie Baby Stroller Blanket for a test drive! I admit it. I was one of those mom’s who was always trying to tuck a blanket around my kids in the stroller... and then it would fall... I would run over it... and proceed to tuck them in again. Needless to say, I’ve ruined a … [Read more...]

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