Kit Kat Basketball Cake

I'm a long time fan of kit kat cakes, I've made a few for birthdays for friends and my own boys and just find that they not only look amazing but they are soooo easy to make! I love that you can just slap that icing on any old way because the whole cake is going to be covered in candy anyway. No … [Read more...]

BB-8 Cake

It's Great to BB-8!!! My son recently turned 8 which is pretty awesome, but that day is also extra special because he shares a birthday with his dad. I always try to come up with a cake I think they both will love which wasn't hard at all this year. I went with one of the new and most loved … [Read more...]

Minion Cake

With the new Minion movie coming out this summer, I decided I would make a fun little minion cake for my boy turning 7 this year. Oh, and his dad too, because this kid was born right on his dad's birthday! The good thing is, Minions are so lovable they have fans big and small, and it was the perfect … [Read more...]

Robot Birthday Cake

Another day another birthday around here, yes, when it rains it pours birthday confetti! My baby boy recently turned six, SIX people!!! gah!! What happened to my baby boy? I swore I told that kid he wasn't allowed to grow any older than 4 and here is already 6 and still not listening! Birthdays are … [Read more...]

Kit Kat Birthday Cake for Boys!

A couple of years ago I made a birthday cake for a friend's 13th birthday. It was girly and fun and I knew I wanted to make a boy version for one of my kiddos. My oldest turned 7 this year and asked for a real party with school friends for the first time. We were really excited for him and I decided … [Read more...]

Rainbow Cake

When my blogging buddy Jen from 3 Little Monkey's posted this birthday cake she made for her son, I knew I wanted to give a try for my big boys! All three of my guys have birthdays within 10 days and this is the first year that the two big boys would be celebrating their parties together. The cake … [Read more...]

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