DIY Christmas Ornaments for Boys

Sometimes it can be a little bit harder to get boys excited over crafting, my secret? Make it all about food! While the boys reluctantly sit at the table for glue and glitter, they will race eachother over when we create with food. They always said the way to a boys heart was through his tummy, … [Read more...]

10 Christmas Ornaments Kids Can Craft + Cash Giveaway!

Do you have one of those perfectly decorated trees like the ones at the mall? I LOVE those trees, they are so pretty! Our tree looks nothing like that, but still, I wouldn't have it any other way because each ornament means something to me, especially the ones the kids make! I love watching them … [Read more...]

Santa Candles the kids can make

Last week Big Brother and I sat down together to work on a little Christmas project while the little ones were sleeping, they turned out so cute I had to share them with ya!   Want to make one too?? I knew ya would! What you need: Jar of any size, lid removed (we used a baby food jar … [Read more...]

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