celebrates their 15 year anniversary in a BIG way!

As soon as the slightest hint of fall air descended on us, my husband and I agreed, we needed to start planning our next warm vacation. The boys haven't stopped talking abour our last trip to Jamaica and they've been tossing out a few ideas of their own on where we should head next.  The lure … [Read more...]

Know The Difference So They Can Get Back To Their Super Selves

  Some days it seems like our little super heroes are invincible! They run, play, laugh and fight crime with boundless energy. But Mom knows that the bad guys are never too far away and that every good super hero must be prepared, especially Super Mom!  Super Mom has a few tricks up … [Read more...]

Let Bayer® Help You Seize the Summer + GIVEAWAY!

Picture this: you wake up and crack a smile before you even open your eyes, because the sun is streaming through your open bedroom window. Then you realize your nose actually woke up first and took off running in protest of the ragweed carried in from the breeze. You don’t let that get you down … [Read more...]

Choosing the Best Summer Vacation for Your Family

No matter how old your kids are, summer means schools out and it’s time for a fun family adventure! There are so many getaways to choose from, and with so many options, it can be a challenge to pick the right spot. Lucky for you, no matter where you go, Bayer® has got you covered with products … [Read more...]

Philadelphia Cheesecake of the Year Contest!

Few can resist the creamy richness of a good cheesecake, and I am not one of them! I look for any excuse to make one for guests and this year I spied the most wonderful combination of cake and cheesecake I had ever laid eyes on! I was determined to make it mine, and I did! In February, I made my … [Read more...]

The Great Grocery Giveaway with MarcAngelo! {Giveaway}

It's officially barbecue season Canadians!!!!  And you know I say that because traditionally the kick off would have been wayyyy before June, but Canadians from coast to coast got rocked with crappy weather all Spring! It really wasn't fair, was it? Time to make up for it now!! The Great … [Read more...]

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