Valentine’s Day must-haves from Trudeau

Valentines Day is right around the corner and I've been busy in the kitchen testing out some of the best products from Trudeau that just scream....err....whispers romance! Sometimes it's the little ways we show our affection that mean the most, and the Heart shaped egg ring is just the thing to … [Read more...]

PAM No Residue

Does your cook and bakeware have that brown sticky stuff stuck on it like mine? It's so frustrating and no matter how much 'elbow grease' I put into trying to clean it off, it just won't budge. You know what it is though right? Maybe you haven't given it much thought, I hadn't, I thought it was … [Read more...]

Philadelphia Cheesecake of the Year Contest!

Few can resist the creamy richness of a good cheesecake, and I am not one of them! I look for any excuse to make one for guests and this year I spied the most wonderful combination of cake and cheesecake I had ever laid eyes on! I was determined to make it mine, and I did! In February, I made my … [Read more...]

PC has everything for Summer’s on the patio!

The first day of Summer is finally here! woot! go ahead Canada make some noise!!! It's no secret from coast to coast we have been inundated with horrible weather and finally we can rejoice! Summer is officially here and it actually felt like Summer today too! Patio Weather = Patio Food Time to … [Read more...]

Hunt’s is Passionate about Fresh

Here in Canada the tomato harvest is season is really short, and while I love a great farm stand tomato in the summer, it doesn't mean we are out of luck the rest of the year. Hunt’s tomatoes are picked at the peak of ripeness. Each year, Hunt’s farmers grow 55 different tomato varieties, so the … [Read more...]

Tortillas to the Rescue Cookbook! {Giveaway}

Every family has a list of staples they like to keep in the home, and tortillas is one of ours! We pretty much use them for any type of meat leftovers for wraps and the boys adore them with peanut butter, cheese and even hot dogs tucked inside. Much like bread, it's one of those items you want to … [Read more...]

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