Let is Snow, Let it Snow, Let it Snow…. a round up of Snow themed crafts

The winter chill is definitely back! brrrr...... Last weeks slightly milder temps didn't last long and it seems we are right back into a deep freeze here in Ontario! How are you keeping the kiddos busy during the cold winter months? I've a got a fun little round up of Snow related crafts while you … [Read more...]

Crafting Cinnamon Scented Fall Colored Rice Sensory Bins – Simple 4 Step Guide

Please welcome the talented Amy Lee as she shows us step by steps instructions on how to create a Cinnamon Scented Fall Colored Rice Sensory Bin. Having little kids in your home is a lot of fun. I’m mostly looking for ways to keep my energetic little girl engaged in entertaining activities. … [Read more...]

Embed Positivity in Your Kids – Make A Thanksgiving Gratitude Tree

 Please welcome the talented Amy Lee as she shows us step by steps instructions on how to create a Gratitude Tree with our families this Thanksgiving. As a parent, I feel that it’s a good idea to talk to your kids and ask about what they did today. This way you get to learn and discuss about the … [Read more...]

Stained Glass Leaves

Today I wanted to share a little craft I like to do with the boys, the best part about it- it doesn't require glue! so no sticky messes! You can adapt this activity for all seasons and holidays, we used it last year for Valentines day when we made these heart shaped suncatchers and this year we made … [Read more...]

Valentine’s Day Heart Stamping

It's so hard to come up with fun art activities for toddlers, Last year at Valentine's Day we made Sun Catchers, they were easy and mess free! yay! This year we tried out some stamping. Basically we just used some pink, red and white paint and a cookie cutter that is usually tucked in with our … [Read more...]

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