Rainbow Cupcakes

The boys and I made these cute little cupcakes over the March Break. That's because I thought Spring weather was right around the corner, turns out I was wrong, it was still a month away! But here it is mid April and Mother Nature has finally decided to co operate, hallelujah! Now that the cold and … [Read more...]

Sesame Street Ernie Cupcakes

Rubber Duckie, you're the one, You make bathtime lots of fun, Rubber Duckie, I'm awfully fond of you Oh hey there guys, it's me Ernie! I'm just taking a break from my bubble bath to share with you a delectable delight from the Mom vs the Boys crew! Who's your favourite Sesame Street … [Read more...]

Bake Sale Treats the Kids will line up for!

  The end of the school year is just around the corner and prep and planning has begun for end of the year trips. My oldest son's class has not one, not two but THREE bake sales lined up before the end of the year so they can have a big end of school getaway to Toronto. Maybe you're in the … [Read more...]

Boy Approved Valentines at Walmart Canada

With all the pink and flowers you see around Valentine's Day, it's no wonder my boys think it's a girly holiday. But it's not supposed to be, Valentine's Day is simply supposed to be a day to show your love for those you care about and boys are definitely included in that! So off to Walmart I went … [Read more...]

Alien Cupcakes

Searching through the pantry this summer, I came across a box of cake mix that was about to expire. There's no way we could let happen so the boys and I set out to make some cupcakes and came up with this super fun way of decorating them! Behold, the Alien Cupcake Invasion! Alien Cupcakes are … [Read more...]

Sail away with me… Sailboat Cupcakes

My youngest boy turned 5 recently, it's bittersweet really, my baby is growing up so fast! He's my last one that still has that toddler boy run and skips when he holds my hand and plays in the sandbox for hours by himself while his big brothers hideout in the basement playing video games. … [Read more...]

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