Open Faced Mediterranean Hummus Toast

If you never thought of food as being trendy, think again. Over the years, the way we eat has definitely made an impact on our culture and every year we see new food craze's pop up. In the 30's everything jiggled thanks to Jell-O salads, for the 50's casseroles were all the rage, during the 60's … [Read more...]

Ham and Cheese Strata

I'm not a keeping up with the Jones' kind of girl and rarely get jealous, but there are a few times when that green monster whips around her ugly head and I have to wrestle her back down. It's different for everyone but for me, my top 3 jealous scenarios are 1. People who have parents who excitedly … [Read more...]

Breakfast Toast Cups

Did you know? Honey is on trend! The Canadian production of honey is at an all-time high thanks to a rise in health consciousness, plus it just tastes really good, so it's no surprise to me that honey has 'beecome' something to buzz about! See what I did there? 1,504 honey related products have … [Read more...]

@Dempsters #GoMapleGo Twitter Party February 6 at 9pm EST

National Bagel Day on February 9th and Dempsters is celebrating in big way with a Canadiana inspired new bagel ! The Dempster’s French Toast Maple Bagels sound amazing and will only be available for a limited time. To make sure you snag yourself a pack before they leave store shelves, join us at the … [Read more...]

Twitter Party Alert!! @Dempsters #BreakfastReady Twitter Party Oct 4th at 9pm EST

My family looooves their breakfast! It's the one meal where my picky picky eaters aren't picky at all! We've even been known to conquer a little 'second breakfast' before lunch-time even hits on occasion as well!  You know who else is a pro at breakfast? Dempsters® and Maple Leaf Foods® of … [Read more...]

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