Books for Shark Lovers

Did you know Tiger Sharks have a litter of up to 80 pups???  Neither did I, but that is one busy mama right there! If you know someone who has a fascination for sharks, DK has a number of good options that will have them sinking their teeth into the juiciest facts! See what I did … [Read more...]

Star Wars Reads Day is now a whole month long!

Just when October couldn't get any better, this year they announced that Star Wars Reads is not just a one day event, now it's the whole entire month! So gather round your Jedi's big and small and plan some really fun reading activities to celebrate all month long! I love events like this one … [Read more...]

Getting ready for a new school year with DK

If you are anything like me you start out summer holidays with good intentions on keeping the kids active in reading and writing. The plan was to continue their work with spelling and printing and other topics and we did pretty good the first week, but then things slowly started to slip in the … [Read more...]

Books for Star Wars The Force Awakens Fans

My boys have been Star Wars fans for a long time. There dad has been a fan since he was a little boy so it was only a matter of time before he introduced his boys to the series he loved so much. Like most of their interests, if I can find a book on it, I'll get it for them because boys sometimes … [Read more...]

DK Find Out + Factivity Books

Does anyone else just loath when their kids come home from school and announce they need to prepare a speech? Even though I graduated from school many moons ago, I can still feel that anxiety start to creep back just at the thought of my boys standing in front of their classroom sharing thoughts, … [Read more...]

The Amazing Quiz Books

Which planet is nearest to the sun? a. Earth b. Mars c.Mercury d. Venus If you answered Mercury you would be right! Too easy for you? How about this one What is a group of crows called? a. Murder b. Conspiracy c. Raid d. Robbery The creepy answer to this one is a … [Read more...]

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