Celebrate the holidays with your pet!

Last week I introduced you to the newest member of our family, a 5 month old Australian Shepherd boy! Oakley came into our lives quite suddenly, I chatted with the owner after the kids had gone to bed one friday night and by 9am the next morning we were cuddling the the little ball of fluff. … [Read more...]

IAMS SO GOOD! Doggie Cafe is coming to a city near you! {Giveaway}

Iams is bringing the first ever Iams SO GOOD! Doggie Cafe to cities across Canada, spreading the real love between pets and their owners and introducing Canadians to the new Iams SO GOOD! dog food.  The doggie cafe is a paw-fect truck filled with Iams SO GOOD! food and fun activities designed … [Read more...]

Chicken Soup for the Soul: I can’t believe my Cat/Dog did that! {Giveaway}

Well there's Cat people and there's Dog people right? Which one are you??  I am definitely a dog person, I wouldn't trade my chocolate lab for any cat in the world, but I know there are a few of you who would argue the other way!  No matter! I have three copies of each new book from Chicken Soup … [Read more...]

Iams Senior Plus {Giveaway}

I still remember the day we brought our baby girl home at just 6 weeks old. A fluffy bundle of brown fur and dark blue eyes, she was the most gorgeous baby I had ever seen. This summer she turns 9 years old and is entering old age. yes, already! Our baby is a lab and is getting quite old. She falls … [Read more...]

#Milk-Bone Healthy Favourites Giveaway (ShesConnected)

I still remember the day we brought our baby girl home, she was only 6 weeks old and by far the cutest thing I had ever seen with her big blue eyes and fuzzy hair. After being told by more than one doctor that I was not to get pregnant due to some medication I was stuck on for a good number of … [Read more...]

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