Garnier Whole Blends

In the weeks leading up to the holidays I found myself running in all directions, there was so much to get done and it felt like it all fell on my shoulders. Sure enough, just as the kids were finishing their last day of school and my husband was coming home from his last day of the year, I got … [Read more...]

Conquer the Cold Canada! {Giveaway}

Canadian winters can be brutal right? The freezing cold, harsh winds ad dry air can really take a toll on our skin and hair. I have naturally dry skin and hair and the wintertime is just that much worse for me, so I need some quality products on my side! Two of my favourite shampoo brands are Herbal … [Read more...]

Vidal Sassoon Pro Series Giveaway

Somewhere after the time that I had babies, my once silky shiny hair took a turn for the worse. I blame it on the kids naturally! lol but it's no laughing matter. These days my hair is brittle, dry and breaks with ease all year round but especially in the Winter. It's not fun!  So now I need to … [Read more...]

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