Skeleton Craft for Kids!

Back in the day, way before I had kids of my own, I worked as an Early Childhood Educator. One Halloween I made  this awesome Skeleton craft with my preschool group, after seeing it in a magazine (I think!, it was a long time ago!) Now that my kids are a little older, I knew this would make the … [Read more...]

Halloween Handprint Ghosts

  I was cleaning up my boy's closet a couple of weeks ago and found this old piece of art work I did with them when they were smaller. Yes, it's hard to believe, even for me, that I managed to find the motivation to do crafts with my kids when they were 3, 16 mo and 4 mo but apparently I … [Read more...]

Spider-ific Halloween Craft

It can be hard to come up with fun craft ideas for toddlers, but this is a cute and easy one kiddos of all ages will enjoy! Paint your child's palm and fingers, minus the thumb with black paint *Here's a tip, add a small dab of dish soap to the paint for easy clean up. Press down on a piece … [Read more...]

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