COFFIN CRISP Mummies in a Graveyard Halloween Treat!

Halloween is such a fabulously fun time of year! The holiday lends itself to the best crafts and has hands down the most fun treats! Whether you want to go full on creepy or a little bit cute, you are never at a loss for festive activites around All Hallows' Eve! This year, Nestlé is getting into … [Read more...]

Halloween Treat – Boo-tiful Jello Cups

Okay Halloween has come and gone, so this won't help you much in terms of ideas to use, but I wanted to share anyway because it was a quick and super easy recipe that was fun, fun, fun for the holiday! Try modifying this with red or green jello and make snowman whip cream cuties!!! I got this … [Read more...]

Halloween Cake Pops!

I've wanted to try making Cake Pops for a while now, but just haven't had an excuse. When my son's school newsletter came home announcing a Halloween party, I knew that was what I was going to send! Cake Pops all start out with the same basic recipe and then can be altered in anyway that your … [Read more...]

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