Viamede Resort, Stoney Lake

Standing on the porch gazing out on the frozen lake dotted with a row of white cottages I told myself I was looking for deer, but part of me was waiting for Patrick Swayze to run across the lawn to meet up with Baby. Something about this quaint resort, with the white buildings and fine dining made … [Read more...]

Pet Friendly Travel ~ Viamede Resort

My family has a passion for travel, but we also love having a furry member of the family and those two things don’t often mix. Our previous dog Riley often spent time at our local kennel and our hearts literally broke a little leaving her there each time. Our newest addition to the family is a Mini … [Read more...]

Hand in Hand

Last year my middle boy started kindergarten and it was a rough year for him, he just found the whole thing a little overwhelming and anxiety crept in. Most mornings he cried and screamed that he didn't want to go to school, but once he got there he seemed to do okay. It was hard on all of us. … [Read more...]

Wordless Wednesday ~ spelunking {Linky}

  The weather was so gorgeous this past weekend, we had to get out into the great outdoors with the boys! We spent the day hiking and crawled  into a few caves as well!  Link Up with me Below!   … [Read more...]

Boy Adventures: Winter Weekends

Here in Ontario we celebrated Family Day yesterday. We try not to question why the government felt we weren't spending enough time together as families, and just take that free day off work and run with it! lol I actually love this holiday, it doesn't involve elaborate dinners that take too long to … [Read more...]

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