Getting ready for a new school year with DK

If you are anything like me you start out summer holidays with good intentions on keeping the kids active in reading and writing. The plan was to continue their work with spelling and printing and other topics and we did pretty good the first week, but then things slowly started to slip in the … [Read more...]

Crafting Cinnamon Scented Fall Colored Rice Sensory Bins – Simple 4 Step Guide

Please welcome the talented Amy Lee as she shows us step by steps instructions on how to create a Cinnamon Scented Fall Colored Rice Sensory Bin. Having little kids in your home is a lot of fun. I’m mostly looking for ways to keep my energetic little girl engaged in entertaining activities. … [Read more...]

Little Passports is the educational kids gift that keeps on giving {Giveaway}

My boys have always been fascinated with other countries around the world, maybe they just take after their mama! When I was little I had pen pals from all over the world and kept sending hand written letters to overseas friends until adulthood. When I was 18, I got the thrill of a lifetime when I … [Read more...]

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