Kinder Ice Cream Boats

The lazy days of summer are finally upon us, and thankfully the weather is really heating up too! While temperatures soar, it's important to keep the kids cool and hydrated. We've been trying out a few new popsicle recipes this summer and when I saw Jenna's post on about her family … [Read more...]

New Year, New Kinder toys

Each year I get a little excited when I purchase my new calendar. There is just something about a whole year laid out before me with blank spaces waiting to be filled in with life and memories! All those major milestones like new birthdays and anniversaries to come. And the little moments that make … [Read more...]

Unwrap a Smile with Kinder Canada #KinderMom

September is such a busy month, the kids head back to school, extracurricular activities start up (for us that's swimming and indoor soccer) and we have a little less time to spend as a family. Even though the kids can drive me crazy during Summer months, truth is, I miss them so much when they are … [Read more...]

Be as Unique as you are! #KinderMom

My oldest son is in grade one this year and has his first real  'Best Friend'. It started about half way through the year, that we would hear his name pop up at dinner conversations or before bed chit chat, and soon it became part of our every conversation. Seriously, I felt like I had a fourth son! … [Read more...]

Egg-Citing News From @KinderCanada

With Easter right around the corner, you just know the people over at Kinder must be really busy! They are a pretty big supplier to the Easter Bunny and all! As a KinderMom I'm happy to share with some of their Egg-citing news! Support to Children’s Miracle Network:  Again this … [Read more...]

Kinder Canada has a few new Surprises #Kindermom

My boys are your typical boys, they love cars, monster trucks and lego! They playfight and spend hours in their sandbox during the summer months, but they also love to hang with Dora and my oldest son has two favourite colours, pink and blue! So they aren't too hung up on what is for girls and what … [Read more...]

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