COFFIN CRISP Mummies in a Graveyard Halloween Treat!

Halloween is such a fabulously fun time of year! The holiday lends itself to the best crafts and has hands down the most fun treats! Whether you want to go full on creepy or a little bit cute, you are never at a loss for festive activites around All Hallows' Eve! This year, Nestlé is getting into … [Read more...]

Kit Kat Birthday Cake for Boys!

A couple of years ago I made a birthday cake for a friend's 13th birthday. It was girly and fun and I knew I wanted to make a boy version for one of my kiddos. My oldest turned 7 this year and asked for a real party with school friends for the first time. We were really excited for him and I decided … [Read more...]

Easter-ize your Family and WIN with Nestle!

I love Easter, all the quality chocolate comes out at Easter and it's pretty much the only day of the year where it's acceptable to have chocolate for breakfast! You can't do a chocolate egg hunt and then not sneak a nibble or two of the sweet stuff right? This year Kit Kat has a super fun treat … [Read more...]

Tasty Tuesday- She’s a Teenager! Birthday Cake

We have a lot of little boys in our lives, so it's super special for us to know a little girl. Only, she's no longer a little girl!!! Our friend Taylor is a teenager already, and I was happy to make her a 13th birthday cake for her party. Taylor asked for a cherry chip cake, so the cake is a two … [Read more...]

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