Skechers Footwear for the whole Family

Products mentioned in this post were provided for reviewing purposes, all opinions expressed belong to Mom vs the Boys Lady: Hey, I like your shoes! Son: They're Skechers My boys have been exclusively wearing Skechers  for so long, it's like they don't recognize they have another … [Read more...]

Spring Skechers for Kids

Spring has sprung and with it came a burst of energy from the boys. After being cooped up all winter the boys were ready to get outside and burn off some energy. The last few weeks have been a flurry of bike rides, soccer, baseball and trampoline jumping! They are even out on the trampoline in their … [Read more...]

Back-to-School Shoes…check!

Why do all my kids grow a size at the same time? Does this happen to other families as well? Just when I thought I had this whole back-to-school thing handled, I realized that all the boys will be needing new shoes this year since they are all pretty much maxing out on the ones they have now. Truth … [Read more...]

Tips to Keep your Family Active with Skechers {Giveaway}

They say a family who plays together, stays together and I wholeheartedly agree! When my husband and I decided we needed to get fit, it was easy for us to carve out the time and make it happen. Okay, no, it wasn't easy, it never is, but as adults we made the commitment to do something and stuck with … [Read more...]

Kids can relax in style with TOMS shoes

The thing about boys is they don't want, need or like fancy stuff. Girl love pretty things, sparkly-dress up things and no girl at any age can resist a cute shoe! But boys, boys are a whole other story. Boys are hard on their shoes and when you want to dress them up a little for a restaurant, … [Read more...]

Light up your summer with Skechers! {Giveaway}

Boys are tough on shoes! When the boys were a lot younger, we used to be able to pass down shoes through all three boys, but once they hit about age 3 or 4 all that changed! From  playing sports, to climbing trees and dragging their feet on their bikes and plasma cars, these days we are lucky if … [Read more...]

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