Spring: The Mess, The Clean Up

This post is sponsored by Bayer. To make sure these products are right for you, always read and follow the label.   Spring has sprung, I know this because there are tracks of mud from my front door to the back and almost every where in between. With three boys and a dog, spring is … [Read more...]

Time for a little Spring Cleaning {Giveaway}

This year I almost decided to skip some of my spring cleaning. There is construction going on in our neighbourhood and we can barely see the sun for dust some days! Forget about what my windows look like! lol  But I did it, I got my step stool out and even started with the windows, because spring … [Read more...]

Spring Cleaning with P&G {Giveaway}

Mother Nature is playing tricks on us these days, one day we get hints at warmth, the next it snows, rain the following day. It would be nice not to have to experience all four seasons in the same week! But nevertheless, Spring is trying hard to make it through the last of the dreary Winter and with … [Read more...]

Lysol® No-Touch Antibacterial Hand Soap System – Get yours FREE!

After one of the longest winters in history, my boys are taking full advantage of being outside in the sunshine! Spring for a boymom like me means, dandelion bouquets delivered daily, sand cakes in the backyard and lots of sweaty hair and stinky feet! We noticed quite quickly that we were going to … [Read more...]

Tackle Your Spring Cleaning with some help from Church and Dwight! {Giveaway}

Spring means new life, fresh flowers (tulips are my favourite!) and enjoying the great outdoors. It also means that it’s time to open the blinds and windows and let some fresh air and life into our homes. Usually this includes a complete overhaul of our homes, with a thorough clean from top to … [Read more...]

Spring Inspiration Found at Walmart! #springinspiration {Giveaway}

I think this will go down as the winter that just won't end! With April 1st greeting us tomorrow morning, all this snow on the ground feels like the biggest April Fool's prank ever! No worries, it's bright and cheery in my livingroom thanks to some Spring Inspiration from Walmart … [Read more...]

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