Celebrating everyday moments with Yopa! #OpaYopa {Giveaway}

Last fall my husband and I had our 10 year anniversary. We celebrated the occasion with some take out Thai food. yeah, woohooo, right? Nothing special going on there and it was definitely not how I envisioned the celebration going. I had always dreamed of a romantic getaway to celebrate 10 amazing … [Read more...]

Fun Eats and Treats for Picky Eaters!

My kids are all pretty picky when it comes to eating and I can deal with that, but it really irks me when the kids run hot and cold on certain staples in the house. Like one week they gobble up yogurt or bananas and the next they won't touch it. Nobody likes throwing away good food and money so I … [Read more...]

Oreo Pudding Pops

We use our popsicle molds all year round, I've posted about our most frequent way to use them before with yogurt (here), but in the summer we try to have a little fun and I make the boys Oreo Pudding Pops. It actually has nothing to do with the cookie, the name gives props to. It's just the … [Read more...]

Tasty Tuesday- Yogurt Pops

Okay, I know that this is not a new or creative concept, but around here my motto is 'Keep it simple, Keep it fun!' and this falls right into that category! Plus, when Big Brother is going through his yogurt strike, this little trick gets it into him every time! Moms have to be sneaky!     Just … [Read more...]

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