one last hurrah!

so this is it?? summer’s over?? boo
Labour day in Canada pretty much marks the last weekend of summer and the kiddos return to school the following day. Even the weather has taken a very fallish feel to set the stage.
While I am not at all sad about the big guy returning to school (hehehe) I am bummed about the lazy sunny days coming to a close.
This past week we took some holidays to have one last hurrah for summer!  We travelled to the T-Dot for a couple of nights in a hotel and visited Ontario Place and Chuck E. Cheese’s.

My kids adore hotel rooms and this was a good one, it had a separate living room, fridge, microwave and a huge window to watch the city. They loved watching the planes fly by, which happened about every 2-5 minutes and they loved watching all the busy traffic. Can ya tell we aren’t city slickers?? lol The view was especially mesmerizing at night with all the purdy lights! Even I thought for a moment (just a moment) that I could get used to having a view like that. Big Brother declared this to be the ‘best hotel ever’ a number of times and that was before he saw the pool.
My kiddos love to swim, we don’t have a pool at home so for the most part the only time they get to swim is at a hotel. This hotel had a nice big pool but the temp was pretty cold for us heat lovin people. The hot tub was a better deal and since it was so big it was actually like a small pool for the kids. Even the hot tub wasn’t as hot as my shower, so no worries about letting the kids in. The hotel also had a really huge, fun water slide that sadly the kids couldn’t go on because you weren’t allowed to wear water wings or life jackets on it, but that didn’t stop mama from taking a go! wwhheeeee!

Ontario Place is celebrating their 40th Anniversary this year and that means guests are allowed in for free! the frugalista in me couldn’t let a deal like that pass up so we headed there with the kids. You still have to pay for the rides, but we kept busy with all the free entertainment so the kids didn’t even care about the rides much. We saw a Treehouse Thomas the Tank Engine show, an animal show with eagles and lemurs etc, an acrobatic/comedy show (this was really good) and a wake boarding/water skiing show. Big Brother thought the wakeboarding was sooooo cooool!
so yeah, for $20 in parking it was a pretty good day for a family of five! We brought in our own snacks.



Have you ever been to Chuck E. Cheeses? This was a first visit for even the Hubster and I! I have to say it was a lot of fun! The kids loved it! Especially Big Brother who is the gamer in the family but there was lots for even the toddlers to do there. We all took turns playing the games and the kids loved the pizza too! They even have a kid check program that I really appreciated, they stamp every member of your family with a number you can only see under a special light. Then when you are leaving they check everyone to make sure all the kids are leaving with the right adults. nice! Places like that can get crowded and crazy with kids running everywhere and it was just a little (a lot) extra security to ease the mind a bit.

And so our week away and labour day wraps up summer for us, how did you send off summer this year??


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