Strawberry Rhubarb Muffins with Streusel Topping

  Moist and delicious strawberry rhubarb muffins with a sweet and crunch streusel topping is the perfect way to use up rhubarb from the garden or farmer's market!     Growing up my parents had a small patch of rhubarb on our property. They would make some kind of warm stewed rhubarb dish with it that always made my brother and I pucker up with the funniest faces! While the memories are always good for a laugh, these days the my favourite way to use rhubarb is in … [Read more...]

Face Masks for Kids that Boys will Love

  Face masks for kids in designs that boys will love!   For those of you with kiddos heading back to class this fall, whether you love it or hate it, they will most likely be wearing masks for a good part of the day. Masks can be scary and just down right uncomfortable for kids (and adults too!) but we can try to make it a little bit easier by letting them choose their own mask or picking a design that might have their favourite sport or character on it.  Just a note: … [Read more...]

Boy Mom Tees & Tanks

  Cute and trendy boy mom tees and tanks for summer!   Summer weather is right around the corner, it may only be cool today but just yesterday I got myself a little sunburn while working in the garden. Note to self, it's time to break out the sunscreen!  Moms of boys will love these cute and sometimes comical shirts designed just for us! Pair one with a messy bun and jean shorts and you are rocking the playgrounds and baseball games all summer long!  Boy Mom … [Read more...]

Chocolate Mini Egg Cookies

  Chocolate Mini Egg Cookies are fudgey chocolate cookie with everyone's favourite Easter treat baked right in, a chocolate lovers dream!    Do you have a favourite Easter candy? Is it mini eggs? If you answered yes, you would be among the majority of Canadians. It's also true for me as well, with the cream egg coming in a close second! Mini eggs aren't just for kids either, adults have a pretty big addiction to these too so this year I picked up an extra bag of mini eggs … [Read more...]

Rainbow Jello Cups

  Rainbow Jello Cups are a fun and simple treat for kids. They are perfect for birthday parties, St. Patrick's Day or just a way to brighten someone's day!  Hey there mama's, how are you doing? No really, how are YOU doing? The world is a bit cray-cray right now isn't it? I hope you are all holding up well, staying in your homes as much as possible and keeping sane. Looking for a fun little treat you can do with the kids? I thought you might be!     When our schools here in … [Read more...]

Motivational Superhero Lunch Box Notes

  Kids will love these motivational superhero lunch box notes available in a free printable download so all you have to do is print, snip and tuck into your child’s lunch bag.   Little notes tucked into a child's lunchbox have been a long standing way for moms to let their little ones know they are being thought of and to give them a nice mid-day smile. If you've got yourself a superhero fan, these motivational superhero lunch box notes will be a Marvel-ous (see what I … [Read more...]

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