Over 30 Hilarious School Jokes For Kids

  Hilarious school jokes for kids, perfect timing for back-to-school! With the kids returning to class right around the corner, we are sharing over 30 jokes about school that will be sure to crack a smile on the most reluctant student. Whether your child is nervous or excited about a new school year, these school jokes are a great way to gear up for a new season and if you are a teacher, use some of these for some first day of class icebreakers! Print them out and take them with … [Read more...]

The Best Ways to Beat and Treat Clothing Stains

Disclosure: I received OxiClean product to treat clothing stains for reviewing purposes as well as monetary compensation, all opinions are my own.   I still remember this first time I used Oxiclean to treat clothing stains. My oldest was just a little guy at the time and I had made one of those rookie new mom mistakes by giving my toddler some blueberries to munch on sans bib for an afternoon snack. As to be expected, that new white t-shirt he was sporting got covered in blueberry … [Read more...]

Easy Sports Cake for Birthday Celebrations

  Got kids who love sports? This Sports Cake is easy to do and makes a perfect birthday cake for boys big and small! My middle son and my husband share a birthday, so each year I try to come up with a cake theme that would suit them both. This year, I decided to go with a sports theme that covers a few different sports that my son and husband like to play together. Whether it's tossing the football or baseball around to each other at the beach, going to my son's weekly soccer … [Read more...]

Adorable Shared Boys Room Decor Ideas

  Do you have boys that share a room? These adorable shared boys room decor ideas are sure to give you a ton inspiration to dream up the perfect shared bedroom or just complete the look and theme that you already have started. Some of these are so cute, it makes me want to redo our own shared boys room and redecorate all over again. Isn't decorating boys' bedrooms so much fun!? This post contains affiliate links which helps to bring a small commission to our page at no extra cost to … [Read more...]

Star Wars Books from DK Publishing

These fun Star Wars Books will be a great incentive to keep your boys reading! Summertime can be hard when you are trying to find the right balance between giving your kids plenty of time to switch off and trying to keep them active and occupied. While it can be tempting to let them stay plugged in with video games and computers, we also need to limit that time and so it doesn't get out of hand. After 8 or 9 weeks of vacation, kids can fall into the "summer slump" and find it hard to return … [Read more...]

Camo Cupcakes

  These fun and easy Camo Cupcakes will be a hit with all ages!  With the end of the school year fast approaching, my oldest son brought home a notice that his end of the year trip would cost $15. As an interesting twist, the class would be hosting a bake sale and if he was able to raise the $15, he wouldn't have to pay at all. Well, easy peasy, I know all it takes is one batch of irresistibly decorated cupcakes to do the trick!  We've created lots of fun bake sale cupcakes and … [Read more...]

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