Ambition’s Not an Awful Word!

ambition's not an awful word

Confession: if there is one thing our family has too much of, it’s children’s books! BUT can you ever really have too many books for your kids?? I think not, however our limited storage thinks otherwise! We just need more book shelves I guess, because I plan on keeping my boys interested in books for as long as possible and I love reading new and interesting stories to them like Zack Zage’s ‘Ambition’s Not An Awful Word’.

This is a really fun and entertaining tale about Zach who, after a long wait, finally gets to share with his class the answer to his teacher’s question “What I want to be”. His imagination runs overtime with exciting new ideas, only discouragement soon settles in with every one.

At bedtime that night, his mom reassures him that it’s okay to Dream Big! Ambition’s not an awful word after all!

The book is a nice large size with a hard cover and the story is full of rhymes making it a fun book to read. We really enjoyed the illustrations done by Adam Watkins.

This is a great book for boys aged 6 years and up!


  1. This sounds like a great book! I’ll have to wait until my little guy is a wee bit older though.

  2. Sounds like a cute book! I agree with you on the fact that you can never have too many books – but you can have more books than bookshelves! Sigh. 🙂

  3. we enjoyed this book 🙂 lovely post

  4. This sounds like a great book…. for girls too 😉 Will check it out for Christmas. You can NEVER have too many kids books!

  5. Tee hee! This makes me laugh because I just saw an episode of Hoarders where a couple’s entire house was FILLED with tottery towers of books! But honestly, I’m the exact same way; totally book addicted.

    I love this idea for a book; one of the things I DIDN’T learn when I was younger was how to try your best even when you might not need to, and that’s something I really want to help my boys learn. Sounds like this book would be a good place to start!

    • same here, we weren’t raised to dream big, work hard, be successful. I want my kiddos to have a good attitude and reach for the stars!

  6. We also have way too many children’s books! That being said, I’m with you in that you can never have too much new stuff to read to your kids. That’s especially true when the message is as good as this one!

  7. We reviewed this one too. I liked the drawings and the challenging glossary but found the rhyme much too forced. Good post though.

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