Korean Pork Lettuce Wraps

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With three boys in the house meal times can be hectic, there’s always so much going on during that time of day, it’s crazy!  To make things easier, I try to have  quick and easy recipes on hand and keep a cupboard stocked full of essentials like VH Sauces. 


 Korean Pork Lettuce Wraps

Yield: 4

Korean Pork Lettuce Wraps

Korean Pork Lettuce Wraps
Prep Time 10 minutes
Cook Time 10 minutes
Total Time 20 minutes


  • 1 1/2 lb (675g) pork tenderloin
  • 1 cup (250ml) VH Korean BBQ Sauce
  • 2 tbsp (30ml) VH Soya Sauce
  • 2 tbsp (30 ml) lime juice
  • PAM Grilling Spray
  • for wraps:
  • 8 whole romaine lettuce leaves, washes, dried
  • 2 cups (500ml) cooked rice
  • 1/2 cup (125ml) grated carrot
  • 1/2 cup (125ml) green onions, finely sliced
  • 1 cup ( 250 ml) cucumber, peeled, and thinly sliced


Slice the tenderloin lengthwise into 4 pieces, creating 4 equal strips. Pierce strips all over with a fork. Place in a plastic freezer bag with 1/2 cup VH Korean BBQ Sauce and lime juice.

Marinate for at least 1 hour, up to 1 day

Spray grill with PAM Grilling Spray and heat to medium -high. Remove pork from marinade and wipe off excess, discard marinade. Place pork on a grill and cook for 4 minutes, flip pieces over and begin basting with 1/2 cup of VH Korean BBQ Sauce, continue cooking 5 minutes or until pork is cooked through.

Slice pork into 1/2-inch strips and serve alongside other garnishes.

To assemble wraps, fill lettuce leaves with rice, pork, carrots, cucumber additional sauce and green onions.


Just check out how beautiful this came out! 

VH Korean Pork Lettuce Wraps

Isn’t it gorgeous? The brightly coloured veggies really set off the meat and I added the sesame seeds for fun! This meal really was both quick and easy to prepare even with boys ‘helping’ me out in the kitchen!

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Disclosure – I am participating in the VH Excite Your Dinner blog tour by enCompass Media on behalf of Con Agra Foods. I received compensation as a thank you for participating and for sharing my honest opinion.


  1. april yedinak says

    Chicken Enchiladas

  2. Ordering pizza… because when in doubt, order out.

  3. Oh my gosh, that pizza looks heavenly! I’m going to be trying that for sure; I’m already in love with the Butter Chicken sauce so I might as well! 🙂

  4. Hamburger Gravy. It’s an extremely quick and easy homemade meal full of deliciousness.

  5. sweet and sour meatballs

  6. vegetarian curry with lots of side dishes

  7. Richard Morris says

    I will grill something b/c i can easily and quickly put on various rubs that will add variety and hopefully satisfy everyone

  8. Adrienne gordon says

    Meatloaf is a favorite

  9. My husband cooks, ANYTHING! I love his Chicken Peanut Szechuan.
    Thanks for making this open to Canadians.

    Besos, Sarah
    Zookeeper at Journeys of The Zoo

  10. Tanja Paquette says

    any leftover veges and meats get thrown in the pan with VH honey garlic sauce and then we either throw it in a wrap, on top of nachos or rice

  11. Chicken curry and rice

  12. excellent

  13. Braise short ribs.

  14. Lasagna is my go to dish because everyone loves it and even the leftovers are met with excitement.

  15. Taco Pie or Chicken in the crockpot.

  16. I like to make a pasta dish called ” Creamy Garlic Bacon Penne”.

  17. I like making potpies – they are always a hit!

  18. I like making my Chicken stir fry with snow peas and red onions. So amazing.

  19. Cheryl Grandy says

    dinner at the local pub (or if we’re being more frugal – frozen pizza from the grocery store with some vegetables added on top).

  20. My mother’s recipe for sweet and sour spare ribs!

  21. meatloaf!

  22. Belinda McNabb says

    our favorite go to meal is shepherds pie

  23. Naan pizza!

  24. When everything seems to get boring, we turn to slow cooker butter chicken!

  25. Ribs 🙂

  26. Karla Sceviour says

    homemade spaghetti is my go to meal when I dont know what to have!

  27. Stir fry!

  28. Cajun Chicken Linguine

  29. Padthai. 🙂

  30. a homemade version of hamburger helper 🙂

  31. Stacey Dempsey says

    I am not a great cook but when I am in the mood I make great sweet and sour ribs

  32. Debbie Bashford says

    I do this in the slow cooker, I cut up ribs to 3 or 4 a section then cover in VH Honey Garlic sauce and put it on low in the morning to get fall of the bone delicious ribs for supper.

  33. Soft tacos!

  34. I like making dinner for breakfast when it gets boring.

  35. To shake things up – I will make butter chicken or tacos!

  36. I usually pull out one of the vh sauces and make a special stir fry! I would so love to win this.

  37. Yes, but I don’t know the name of the meal but it is a bacon chicken pasta mixture with veggies.

  38. Sushi!!! We love making sushi and our kids love it too. It is a great one for the family to make together too

  39. My fave go to recipe is spagetti

  40. gibberish (Julie G.) says

    Homemade individual pizzas – everybody selects their own toppings

  41. SUMMER PLEWES says

    chicken stew. We just never make it, so when things get boring we whip it up homemade.

  42. Andrea Williams says


  43. I love to make tacos.. so easy!

  44. Deb Dorrington says

    When dinner gets boring I usually go for homemade chicken nuggets and onion rings!!

  45. debbie starkey says

    my family loves quesaidelles

  46. chicken parmesan

  47. Garlic wings with VH Honey garlic sauce

  48. Pasta is the go to dish as our house hold likes it and you change it up to any way you like it.

    silverneon2000 at yahoo dot com

  49. I will throw together a quick lasagna.

  50. I turn to ‘make your own salad and pizza night’. Never run across the same thing twice. And giving choices sure increases interest in dinner time. thanks.

  51. Wendy Dickinson says

    I make terriaki chicken stir fry!

  52. Poutine: french fries baked, beef gravy and shredded cheese

  53. i love making baked potatos and then topping them with whatever is available – veggies, cheese, bacon – everything is great on potatos (or even just having them plain with salt, pepper and margerine)

  54. I really like making beef and broccoli when things get dull!

  55. veggie s tir fry.. and any vh sauce!

  56. Lisa Morrison says

    I make Salsa Baked Chicken.

  57. shrimp alfredo

  58. Mexican Tomato Bake….i hardly ever make it…maybe i should!

  59. anything with shrimp-guaranteed that my kids will eat it!

  60. I like to make a big pot of chili con carne.

  61. I create a salad… Whether its a pasta salad, fresh lettuce salad or just a fruit salad, that shot of “fresh” and “earthy” adds a kick to the dinner doldrums.

  62. Totally inspired by the above! Fans of anything we can put on the BBQ!

  63. SO many actually, but 2 of my favourites are stuffed peppers (using VH garlic rib sauce) and beef dips (using VH soya sauce)

  64. Goulash is good solution for us

  65. Stir-fry with general tao sauce!

  66. A good beef or pork roast always makes dinner great again!!!

  67. I love quesadillas. The other night we ‘invented’ pizza-dillas. They were awesome!

  68. We love making tacos! They’re always fun!!!

  69. My stand by is salmon tira.
    Just so delicious and uses canned salmon.
    great VH gc giveaway too thanks.

  70. I’m always cooking different things and have a few favourites that are rotated.

  71. Caroline Morin says

    I love making a batch of Japanese curry and sticky rice to break up the routine. I can use chicken, chickpeas, mushrooms, potatoes, spinach, whatever I like!

  72. I don’t really have a favourite recipe.

  73. No I order in when things get boreing

    ontariohappychick at gmail dot com

  74. When my dinner routine gets boring I experiment with the crock pot, just throw in some meat, veggies and sauce and voila!

  75. If supper gets boring I like to tackle cabbage rolls over a weekend. 🙂

  76. Potato zuchinni pancakes coz they are just the easiest things to make

  77. chicken stir fry

  78. Doris Calvert says

    Risotto or lasagna

  79. spinach and feta stuffed meatloaf

  80. stuffed mushroom caps with shrimp/cream cheese/herbs and topped with cheddar and baked

  81. Honey garlic bbq ocountry style pork chops.

  82. left over meat & rice stir fried with fresh veg and sauce

  83. ACraftyKnitter says

    I love to make a stir-fry- there are so many different things you can do to it (different meat, sauce, veggies, etc) that it never gets boring!

  84. When I need something yummy and extra special I pull out the deep fryer. Chicken balls anyone?

  85. lynn macdonald says

    honey garlic ribs!!

  86. Tania Woodrow says

    I love the butter chicken

  87. No, I don’t have a special recipe. I have enough variety in my normal menu that I don’t really need to break out of it very often. When I do need to take a break, I go for take out.

  88. meatloaf

  89. Fanterra Fisher says

    Some how Spaghetti always goes over really well. But so does stir fry. It is great because you can make it with any meat you have, any veggies you need to clean out of the fridge and mix it up with either rice or noodles. Even spaghetti noodles! With a great sauce from VH it is easy to throw together anything you have for a tasty stir fry.

  90. I cook a variety of thing most of the time, so if that happens – TAKEOUT it is 🙂

  91. \\\\i use KD as a base and add tyo it, be it leftover meat, veggies or whatever……..add some extra cheese and…..good to go!

  92. Mexican Rice, tacos and a pitcher of margueritas for Grandma.

  93. I always go for a zucchini and feta quiche when I need a quite, delicious and nutritious dinner!

  94. stir fry is always a great way to clean out the crisper and as it is usually “what’s left” I call it my Leftie’s Delight and it always is delightful and different from the time before. VH sauces really make the stir fry come to life, so I really would love to win this! God Bless you for at least giving us hope for a bit of something to make our lives a little less dull.

  95. emergency frozen BBQ wings.

  96. poutine on everything taste good

  97. janice budgell pollard says

    We like to try stirfrys with different flavor of sauces.
    janicebudgellpollard at hotmail dot com

  98. Nom nom nom PIZZA!

  99. Homemade pizzas. Like the Butter Chicken sauce suggestion for pizza–thanks for that!

  100. Dinner never gets boring around here between OHs Jamaican cooking and my English and Canadian cooking…. so maybe … Spaghetti?

  101. Marilyne Lavoie says

    Ordering pizza

  102. Adding teriyaki sauce to chicken or pork or beef.

  103. Teriyaki chicken in the crockpot. yummy!

  104. spaghetti

  105. fried chicken

  106. barbequed steak

  107. Christina Ferguson says

    Candied Chicken. 🙂

  108. Quesadillas – easy, cheap, and mmmm!

  109. Order take out – usually pizza

  110. LOVE LOVE LOVE Stir Fry with cashews and water chestnuts

  111. Angela Mitchell says

    A personal fave for me is Spaghetti Carbonara.

  112. chicken balls, in cherry vh sauce, our favorite!

  113. Grilled Chicken Wraps!

  114. Eggplant moussaka

  115. I like to go to allrecipes.com when I am stuck for a dinner idea.

  116. I often just make something up if we need something new!

  117. Tacos and Chili both get people excited around these parts but I do like getting creative with existing recipes and using VH sauce is a terrific idea!

  118. Honey Garlic Ribs!!! mmm mmm good 🙂

  119. Chicken flautas

  120. stuffed chicken

  121. heather holmberg says

    when we get bored of everything we make a pizza casserole .. well, we make 2 of them my daughters is filled with pepperoni and bacon, and mine is filled with veggies and whole mushrooms from a can .. lots of pasta and cheese, bake it ..and its delicious ! very filling !

  122. Thai Green Curry with Eggplant, Bamboo Shoots and Prawns on rice!

  123. I usually look for a new recipe when things get routine.

  124. I always go with teriyaki chicken.

  125. tacos – with different meats and toppings

  126. I make spicy beef brocoli rice stir fry!

  127. tacos or sloppy joes or pasta – anything I can make with ground turkey

  128. Francine Anchondo says

    Cajun Chicken pasta

  129. just add hot hot spice and curry with sauce and hot peppers to everything …nacho chips dripping with cheese..split pea soup..lasagna..pickles.

  130. I love to turn to stir fries.They are so easy to make and you can be so creative with it.

  131. sandra mitchell says

    oriental roast beef

  132. Elva Roberts says

    October 2-I make a really good clam chowder which always goes over well.-el03ro

  133. mac n cheese

  134. I keep a list of meals that everyone actually ate, and when we get in a rut, I look back for ones we haven’t made in a long time and I’ve forgotten about.

  135. Jeanette Jackson says

    I make mac and cheese but to be a bit different I will add either hamburger or tuna

  136. lori butler says

    I look in the fridge and make a crockpot surprise, with whatever veggies I have and meat in the freezer, add some spices and it’s always turned out

  137. I usually pour a can of mushroom soup over some steak with some spices and add it to the slow cooker! It RULES!

  138. lways have ingredients on hand, quick to make and everybody likes it.

  139. Fetuccini Alfredo

  140. Wayne Lecoy says

    Please Enter Me In Your Excite Your Dinner with VH Sauces Giveaway!
    It Would Be Great To Win The VH Sauces And A Grocery Gift Card.
    In Response To Your Question Of Do you have a favourite recipe to turn to
    when the dinner routine gets boring? What is it?
    My Favorite Recipe Is Shepherd’s Pie.
    Thank You For Having This Giveaway!!!!!!!!

  141. chicken laksa with hard boiled eggs

  142. David Fultner says

    It looks like I am not alone in wanting to try these.

  143. Helen Kempster says

    these Korean Pork Lettuce Wraps look amazing! My son would eat these I know it!

  144. We usually make pulled pork sandwiches wih tenderloin, but I think we’ll try this instead!

  145. Those wraps sound so yummy! Would make a great lunch!

  146. Thanks! These sound great!!!

  147. kathy downey says

    I’m going to be trying that pizza for sure it looks delicious,thanks for sharing!

  148. This would be a nice change for my family!

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